Blackwood Gazette #41: Crowndon Military Issues Ultimatum to Klankenvroot Workers

by Hunter O’Leary, Business

17/7-The saga of Klankenvroot Industries’ workers strike has taken a disturbing turn, as Crowndon has threatened to send troops in if the strike isn’t resolved.

“This isn’t just about workers rights,” said one Crowndon official. “This is now a matter of National Decorum. It is imperative that Crowndon gets the Heisenberg in the air before Rigel Rinkenbach. Rinkenbach and Nor Easter already embarrassed us once during the war…we must not allow that to happen again. We do not make this proclamation easily, but if Rinkenbach wins this challenge, it will cause irreparable damage to our Imperial standing. Which is why, if those workers on strike do not return to their positions on the line, they, their immediate families, and any pets will be charged with treason and punished accordingly.”

Upon making the declaration, many of the Klankenvroot workers broke their protest and returned to the factory floor. However, a small number of protestors remain, led by organizer Upton Monroe.

“We will not lay down in the face of government oppression,” Monroe said. “To do so would send the message that the people can be bullied into submission. It would be the first step back to a time of draconian rule, when the Crown ruled with an iron fist. If they want to turn this into a matter of national interest, they’re going to get more than they bargained for.”

The general opinion amongst those on strike was that the Crown is simply posturing. However, shortly before this printing, the Gazette has received reports that troops are mobilizing from the nearby garrison. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Blackwood Gazette #41: Crowndon Military Issues Ultimatum to Klankenvroot Workers

Blackwood Gazette #40: New Details Emerge on Waystation Bravo Incident

by Chester Seaton, News

16/7-A more complete picture of what happened on Waystation Bravo is taking shape as new information is provided by salvage teams and authorities investigating the deaths of several people found aboard the station.

The salvage team reports that they have discovered a strange device of unknown origin built directly onto the station’s main boiler system. They claim the device is unlike any known manufactured machine typically found on the Waystation platforms, and the device’s function remains a mystery.

“It is heavily damaged,” said the lead investigator. “Probably due to some sort of explosion, so it isn’t as though we can just flip it on and see what it does. Even if it wasn’t damaged, simply flipping it on would be an extremely foolish thing to do.”

As for the bodies, authorities on Waystation Echo report that the body of the woman discovered matches the description of an individual spotted in the company of another woman involved in an altercation at the station’s saloon. This woman, described as being over six feet tall, having long black hair, dressed in a trail coat and armed to the teeth, has provided investigators with a new lead. What’s more, patrons of the bar say the woman introduced herself as ‘Arufina’ to the saloon’s bouncer, a Rommsbachian man named Klaus Klaudhopper. As we reported earlier, both were involved in early search efforts for the station, and were believed to have gone missing. Both are said to have been carrying revolvers.

Friends of Klaudhopper say that the man was planning on making his way to the colonies. Triumvirate Authorities have issued a warrant on both Klaudhopper and the woman known as ‘Arufina’, as well as three other unidentified women seen in her company and dressed in similar attire, and are focusing their search on the colonial ports in New Crowndon.

Blackwood Gazette #40: New Details Emerge on Waystation Bravo Incident

Blackwood Gazette #39: Construction Begins on the New Empress Theater in Oeil de Fleur

by Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

15/7-The art community of Nor Easter came out in droves this weekend to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Empress Theater in Oeil de Fleur. The original theater, which served as a center for dramatic arts in the Triumvirate for over a century, was tragically claimed during a fire earlier this year.

The theater’s rebuild is being funded by patrons from around the Triumvirate. Among those patrons is Delando, who very publicly provided nearly half of the necessary funding. It was during a performance of his most recent play, “The Fires of D’kalm D’korr”, that the previous theater burned down.

“The loss of the original building is a shame,” a representative for the notoriously reclusive playwright said. “But this rebuild should be approached as a chance for renewal, and hailed as the birth of a new era in Nor Eastern drama. The new building will be outfitted with the newest advances in stage technology, including a modular stage featuring a turn table, light weight and highly customizable rigging for lights and stage dressing, and most importantly, an updated fire suppression system.”

The names of those who died in the fire were read at the ceremony, though it was cut short for the purposes of time. Shortly thereafter, a plaque featuring the names of the theater’s highest paying contributors was unveiled. The plaque will be mounted on the lobby wall. A relief of Delando’s face is the centerpiece of the plaque.

The new Empress theater is scheduled to receive patrons this winter. It’s first show will be the re-opening of “Fires”, currently on hiatus due to an investigation, which showed no wrong doing on Delando’s part.


Blackwood Gazette #39: Construction Begins on the New Empress Theater in Oeil de Fleur

Blackwood Gazette #38: De Santana Refining Attacked; Owner’s Heiress Suspected

Chester Seaton, News

14/7-The estate of Blackwood magnate Marco De Santana is on lock-down today as officials state that several of his holdings came under attack over the weekend.

The rash of violence began late last week, when several armed men raided a distribution center on the outskirts of the Monteddorian capital. The culprits gained access to the facility using a De Santana Refining airship.

“We were completely caught off guard,” said the only survivor of the raid, whose name is being withheld for his own protection. “There was no warning. No reports of a ship going missing or being hijacked. The ship was even scheduled, and the men wore the uniform of De Santana’s fleet. They disembarked from the ship and just kind of blended in.”

It was then, officials say, that the attackers struck, killing everyone but the lone factory worker. They then loaded the two empty ships at the site full of Blackwood, and stole another that was completely loaded up. They then sabotaged the equipment and flew away. Since then, several other De Santana owned locations throughout Monteddor have been hit.

The Monteddorian Air Guard claims that it has no concrete idea on who the culprits were, but they believe the raid was led by an insider. De Santana himself, however, has an idea.

“It’s Yolanda! My sweet little girl, making her move. She’s looking to usurp me. That’s why she didn’t destroy the factory outright, just crippled it. Believe me, I recognize the M.O. It’s exactly what I did when I took over!”

When asked if he was worried, De Santana laughed.

“Of course not! I taught her everything she knows, but I didn’t teach her everything I know. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to bring her to heel before long. I kind of have to admit, though, part of me is rooting for the old girl. She IS my daughter, after all. Ha ha!”

Blackwood Gazette #38: De Santana Refining Attacked; Owner’s Heiress Suspected

Design of the Graphic Nature

Boy on a Turtle

I’ve been experimenting with typography lately. Back in school for part of my degree I had to take a class on typography and I hated it. The class wasn’t exciting and the teacher must’ve been born without a personality. She was quite the poor and unfortunate soul.

I’m pretty new into this but I think did pretty well here. Anywho, I made these:

The first one is from the movie-film “Skyfall.” In it, M recites this selection from Tennyson all cool-like and junk. 





The next one is yet another poem. This one, popularized by V for Vendetta. 


Do you like? 😀 Do you hate? 😦 

Let me know! Any tips or constructive criticism is welcome. 

Until next time! 

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Design of the Graphic Nature

Blackwood Gazette #37- Rinkenbach Offers Bail-out; Klankenvroot Refuses

Hunter O’Leary, Business

10/7- The Rinkenbach/Klankenvroot rivalry took a bizarre twist yesterday. In response to news that Klankenvroot Industries was having a difficult time paying its employees, which have gone on strike, it seems that none other than Rigel Rinkenbach reached out to Klankenvroot with a proposal to help supplement the payroll, so that salaries could be met. Klankenvroot promptly refused.

“This isn’t charity,” said a spokesperson for Klankenvroot. “There is no altruistic motive here on the part of Rinkenbach. This was meant as an insult, pure and simple. I wouldn’t be surprised if, had we reached out to take the extended hand, Rinkenbach would have pulled it back at the last second.”

We asked Rinkenbach himself for comment.

“There’s some truth to that, yes,” he said. “It was such an open opportunity to give my rival a friendly ribbing, I couldn’t help but take it. It isn’t the complete truth, of course. I really do want Ivan to stay in the race…it isn’t often someone gets it into their head to challenge me. I was quite enjoying myself before this happened. With his production at a stand-still, I’ve become bored. Also, employee well being and all that, of course.”

As for the workers, they were understandably livid when they learned of Klankenvroot’s refusal to accept help.

“The damn fool is letting his pride get in the way of what needs to be done,” said Upton Monroe, the workers’ unofficial spokesperson. “We want to get this plane built, but we’re not going to do it for nothing. Klankenvroot could have turned this to his advantage; take Rinkenbach’s damn money, and beat him with it. But the man is too short sighted. Several of the workers are thinking of leaving Crowndon now, to work for Rinkenbach. I don’t condone that personally, but once the idea gets in people’s heads, a lot more are going to leave.”

Blackwood Gazette #37- Rinkenbach Offers Bail-out; Klankenvroot Refuses

Blackwood Gazette #36: Bodies Found on Waystation Bravo

by Chester Seaton, News

9/7-The mystery surrounding Waystation Bravo and the disappearance of its denizens deepens today, as new reports indicate that several bodies have been discovered. Authorities say that the dead are the result of gunshots, and the time of death varies over the course of the day before the storm concealing the station disappeared.

“None of the victims have been identified, but we are working under the assumption that none of them were residents of the station when it went missing,” said Captain Lester Krietch, the commanding officer of the team sent to investigate and salvage the station. “The bodies include four men and one woman, whom we believe were on opposite sides of whatever conflict occurred.”

The investigators also revealed that the men were killed by rounds from a revolver, while the woman was killed with a flintlock. While several flintlocks and muskets were found at the scene, no sign of a revolver was found, aside from bullets pulled from the bodies and several casings.

“It is our belief that whoever the deceased woman worked for removed the weapon from the scene, assuming the woman in question possessed a weapon at all,” Krietch explained.

When asked about the rumors of a ship fleeing the scene as rescue ships arrived, the Captain was reserved.

“We are following every lead known to us at this time, including said ship,” said Krietch. “If such a ship does exist, it is imperative that we find it. We are also issuing warrants for personnel known to be aboard ships that disappeared during the initial search. We will be providing news and law enforcement agencies on the main land and in the colonies with details on those persons in the coming days.”

Blackwood Gazette #36: Bodies Found on Waystation Bravo

Blackwood Gazette #35-Klankenvroot Workers On Strike; Complain about Salary

by Hunter O’Leary, Business

8/7- Production at Klankenvroot Industries has ground to a halt today after more than two-thirds of the work force walked out of the factory where Ivan Klankenvroot’s prototype for a commercial fixed wing air craft is being built. The workers cite tyrannical working conditions and lack of payment for their labor as primary factors.

“We haven’t been paid for two weeks,” said Upton Monroe, a floor worker acting as spokesperson for the workers on strike. “They told us to knuckle up, to think about our national pride. And we did at first. National pride is good and all, but I can’t feed my kids with it. You can ask them yourself, they were working down in the assembly lines.”

Analysts say that the process of melting down and recirculating hundreds of thousands of pounds of the nation’s gold has led to the company’s failure to pay its employees.

“We haven’t paid them quite simply because we are unable to,” said a representative for Klankenvroot. “Rest assured, however, that we are carefully tracking the hours of each and every worker, and they will be reimbursed accordingly once the financials are in order. None of this matters of course, if Rinkenbach gets his bird in the air before us. So it’s in their best interest to get back to work.”

“Don’t make me laugh,” Monroe said, when presented with the representative’s statement. “Those numbers types make a living by finding ways to cut costs. And those costs usually come out of the employee’s paycheck. Even if they meant what they are saying, you can’t honestly expect me to entrust my family’s livelihood to their record keeping. Would you?”

It is rumored that Klankenvroot is looking for ways to get the workers back in line. If he cannot, it is believed that he may start searching for new workers.

Blackwood Gazette #35-Klankenvroot Workers On Strike; Complain about Salary

Blackwood Gazette #34: Interview w/ Doctor Veronica Trenum

by Adella Chatelaine, Investigative Reports

7/7-While visiting the Waystation network late last week to cover the aftermath of the Station Bravo incident, I had an opportunity to meet with Doctor Veronica Trenum, who is currently on her way to the colonies to investigate an important new archeological sight in Lelina. She graciously agreed to sit down for a short Q&A.

Chatelaine: Doctor Trenum, allow me to start by saying that I am a devout follower of your work.

Trenum: Thank you. I’ve read your work, and follow it as well. You deserved that Bulloch award, if you ask me.

Chatelaine: Well, winning it was enough, even if they took it away in the end. Bastards. Anyway, the ruins in Lelina. What are you hoping to find there?

Trenum: The ruins in Lelina offer a unique opportunity to shed light on the culture of the prehistoric indigenous people in the region. We have very little to go on as, unfortunately, the entire southern third of the continent is bereft of human life.

C: Is that something you are hoping to shed some light on?

T: Most definitely. We have evidence that people once inhabited the entirety of the Newlands, but the most recent example of these southern cultures dates back to around 5000 years ago. Equally mysterious is the fact that the northern cultures haven’t migrated and populated the region in that time. We’ve tried asking, but Crowndon’s near genocide while colonizing the region has left the northern cultures understandably close lipped about such things; not that they were very forthcoming about such things beforehand.

C: 5000 years…that’s around the time of the Alchemical Rift isn’t it?

T: Precisely. To date, we haven’t found any evidence suggesting the Rift (which itself is still largely theoretical) and the disappearance of half a continent’s worth of civilization on the other side of the planet are connected. Such theories have even led to good scientists being ostracized. Even I am hesitant to speak of a possible connection, but the descriptions of the Lelina site are once again raising the question.

C: Why is that?

T: If the reports are to be believed, the site resembles similar ruins found in Sarnwain (which I’ve studied), and in Monteddor, near the Blackwood Grove.

C: Interesting. I can’t remember ever having read about these sites.

T: You wouldn’t have. The information hasn’t been released to the public yet.

At this point, doctor Trenum stops the interview, unwilling to divulge anymore. She suggests I give my notes to a man she knows and trusts that works the Waystation skydock. She then offers me the opportunity of a lifetime: to travel with her to Lelina and chronicle her findings there.

I have accepted the offer, and hope that Mr. Merchant, the owner of the Gazette, will retain me as a correspondent despite the lack of prior approval. If not, then too bad. I’m going anyway.

Editor’s Note: Upon receiving the news of Miss Chatelaine’s decision to travel with Doctor Trenum, I composed the following reply: Are you kidding me? I’ve known reporters who would literally kill for an exclusive scoop like this. I would have fired you if you DIDN’T take it. Excellent work!

Blackwood Gazette #34: Interview w/ Doctor Veronica Trenum

Blackwood Gazette #33: Mysterious Storm Dissipates; Waystation Bravo Found Intact, Abandoned

by Chester Seaton, News

3/7- Scientists are baffled today as the mysterious storm that has been raging in the Barrier Ocean for the last two weeks broke apart late yesterday afternoon, disappearing almost as quickly as it began. At its center: the missing Waystation Bravo, floating calmly on the water.

Early reports say the the station is largely intact, however the machinery that would normally keep the station airborne is flooded and will need a complete replacement. It is also reported that none of the Waystation’s population is present.

Searchers who found the station say they saw a single ship leaving the site, which matched the description of one of the missing rescue ships. The ship disappeared when authorities began pursuit, and has not been found.

“We are still at a complete loss as to what caused any of this,” said meteorologist Humphrey Bretodeau. “Hopefully, further investigation by my team will paint a more complete picture of events once we arrive on the station.”

Triumvirate Authorities are unsure what the future has for the station.

“It doesn’t appear to have any major damage,” said one official. “What damage there is can be repaired within a few months. The real question is, will anyone want to live on it? These nomadic types that live aboard the stations are a superstitious lot, after all, and we’re already hearing murmurs of hauntings and curses and whatnot.  It might be best to just build a new station altogether.”

Blackwood Gazette #33: Mysterious Storm Dissipates; Waystation Bravo Found Intact, Abandoned