Blackwood Gazette #165- Release of “Desires of Dek Kanar Redak” Stirs Controversy; Delando Claims He Needs More Time, Money

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

24/7- Fans of playwright Delando aren’t happy right now. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being his deception during the Heisenberg affair, which left several people dead in place of high standing members of society. But the most recent thing sending fans to teashops to debate is the manner in which “Desires of Dek Kanar Redak” is being released.

“I waited a year to see this thing,” said one theater goer. “And I had to spend 140 pence total to watch it. That’s half the price of a ticket to the theater. On top of that, he only released half of the play on kinetic viewers! So far I’ve paid twice as much to view half a product, and it wasn’t even that good!”

These sentiments are echoed by Delando fans and critics alike across the Empire this week, with many fretting that the future of drama lies in plays being sliced up into overpriced chunks, forcing viewers to pay for mere fraction of a whole story.

“Their worries are unfounded,” said a spokesperson for Delando. “The format in which ‘Dek Kanar Redak’ is being released is simply a result of currently existing technology, plus the fact that we’re still trying to figure out how this should all work.”

Inciting fans further is the fact that the second half of the play has yet to begin filming.

“It’s a minor thing,” Delando’s spokesperson said. “Shooting for the first half went over schedule and over budget. We miscalculated. We went ahead and released the first half to try and recover some of our expenses, part of which includes renting the theater in which we are shooting.”

The fate of said theater is uncertain, as well. Rumors are swirling that the theater’s owner, Patrice Chadeau, is unhappy with the fact that he has been unable to put on other, more popular plays for over a year and is unwilling to permit Delando’s production to keep using his facility for another year.

“We are currently re-negotiating our contract with Mr. Chadeau,” said Delando’s spokesperson. “Things look promising for the moment, but even if they fall through we have another plan in place. You can look forward to part two hitting KV’s this time next year.”

Or you can go to the nearest live venue and catch a performance of the play, which also opened this week, in its entirety.

Blackwood Gazette #165- Release of “Desires of Dek Kanar Redak” Stirs Controversy; Delando Claims He Needs More Time, Money

Blackwood Gazette #101-SCANDAL: Heisenberg Passengers were Servants of People Reported to be on Board

by Chester Seaton, News

15/4- The best word that can be used to describe the atmosphere around Triumvirate High Society this morning is ‘confusion’. Just a day after finding out that several high ranking members of the community had been killed in the tragic Heisenberg crash, including the Empress of NorEaster, we now learn that all but one of the high profile passengers were not on the plane at all.

Empress Bastian…alive. Playwright Delando…alive. Tobacco magnate Archibald Starkfeld…alive. This list goes on, of people not only rich enough to afford tickets on the maiden flight, but rich enough to hire others to go in their place and convince the world that they had been a part of this history making event.

So, yes, confusion is the word to describe it. On the one hand, the leader of one of our three Empires still lives, likely averting a power vacuum and a ton of finger pointing and accusations between NorEaster and Crowndon. On the other hand the Empress, as well as others, filled the plane with servants and body doubles groomed to convince the world of their presence on the plane, and in so doing take all the glory without any of the risk. Publicity photos released after the event of passengers boarding were staged (all photography was contracted out). Yes, one hundred and twenty people are dead. However, we can say that of that number, the only person of any importance to die was Pipi Tralala, a dubious claim at best.

Blackwood Gazette #101-SCANDAL: Heisenberg Passengers were Servants of People Reported to be on Board

Blackwood Gazette #100- Heisenberg Crashes; All On Board Perish

By Chester Seaton, News

14/4- The Triumvirate is reeling today at the news that the test flight for the Heisenberg, proposed to be the world’s first commercial fixed wing aircraft, crashed into the Crowndonian countryside outside of Toring.

The aircraft launched at 1830 on the night of the twelfth. The takeoff was flawless, according to onlookers and technicians on the ground. The aircraft flew for nearly two miles before radio reports came in stating that they had lost an engine. This matches up with observers placed along the plane’s flight path, who reported seeing a plume of black smoke coming from two of the starboard engines. The plane crashed shortly thereafter and exploded. The flaming wreckage then rolled unimpeded through the fields, leaving behind it a four mile long scar in the earth. A farm was crushed and two cows were killed.

The toll taken by the crash, both economically and in human life, is said to be astronomical. None of the aircraft’s reported one hundred and twenty passengers and crew are said to have survived. Among the dead are playwright Delando, who was scheduled to make a rare public appearance at the re-opening of the Empress Theatre later this week, colonial industrialist Archibald Starkfeld, and none other than the Empress of NorEaster herself, Her Imperial Majesty Marcellete Bastian.

After the crash, the Crowndon ruling body immediately released an apology and condolences to the people of NorEaster. NorEaster has yet to respond.

The crash has called into the question the future use of fixed wing aircraft for commercial purposes, and Samson Davies, long known as a detractor for such aircraft, is said to be demanding the right to fully investigate the incident along with the Crowndonian Authorities.

Blackwood Gazette #100- Heisenberg Crashes; All On Board Perish

Blackwood Gazette #95- Imperial High Society Gathers for Heisenberg Test Flight

by Chester Seaton, News

7/4- Walsh is abuzz with gossip today as the first high profile passengers for the Heisenberg Test Flight began to arrive this morning. The first to arrive was Delando, who refused to leave his carriage when he discovered that no one else had come.

“This is a disaster,” the reclusive playwright could be heard saying within. “I cannot be seen to be the first! People will think I’m desperate for press! Take the carriage around the city one more time.”

Restrictions on the base where the test flight is taking place prohibited Delando from leaving, however. According to our last reports, he was still in his carriage.

Also arriving was former pin-up Pippi Tralala, who had no such reservations about being the first to be seen, as the emaciated model tumbled from her carriage and raised her arms.

“Oh, the Sun!” she is said to have screamed. Many attribute this sentiment to Tralala’s controversial diet of sunlight and air, which she has reportedly subsisted on for nearly a year, though no one knows how.

Others have continued to trickle in since, bringing with them a menagerie of bodyguards, servants, and personal entertainers, and all of them eager to talk about anything other than the test flight.

The test flight itself, originally scheduled for tonight, has been delayed until the twelfth, due to scheduling conflicts with the test flights most prestigious passenger, the Empress Marcellete Bastian, who refuses to travel on dates with odd numbers.


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Blackwood Gazette #95- Imperial High Society Gathers for Heisenberg Test Flight

Blackwood Gazette #91- Auction for Test Flight Tickets Raises Millions

By Chester Seaton, News

2/3- An auction for tickets to participate in the upcoming Heisenberg test flight was held this weekend. Bidding for each ticket started at 2000 imperial scrip, but reports say that each ticket, around 100 in all, went for no less than 50,000 each. This, on top of the fact that a 1000 scrip entry fee was charged for each of the auctions reported 500 seats, resulted in a killing for The Ministry of Crowndonian Planar Wing Transport.

The high entry fee priced out most of the average citizen, and most of those in attendance were movers and shakers in Triumvirate society. Socialites from all three empires, and even a few from Sarnwain, were in attendance. Tickets went to the wealthiest, surprising absolutely no one.
Among the winners was Nor Eastern Empress Marcellette Bastian, who took home the first twenty tickets.

“It is important that Nor Easter has a heavy presence on that plane,” said Her Imperial Majesty. “Not only for posterity, but as a show of support for our industrious neighbors to the west.”

Other winners include: Yolanda Desantana, who sent an envoy on her behalf, stating ‘business reasons’ for her inability to attend in person; Archibald Starkfeld, owner of the largest tobacco grower in the Colonies; the playwright Delando, currently working on the film version of his newest play; and Minister P.P. Walther, a weapons manufacturer from Toring.

Almost as interesting has who was there are those who were not. Notable absentees were Rigel Rinkenbach, the industrialist whose challenge kept the enterprise going, and Ivan Klankenvroot, whose company conceptualized and began construction. Neither man could be reached for comment.

The Heisenberg test flight is currently scheduled to take place on the seventh of next month. Citizens of Crowndon and the Triumvirate all are encouraged to attend.

Blackwood Gazette #91- Auction for Test Flight Tickets Raises Millions