Blackwood Gazette #91- Auction for Test Flight Tickets Raises Millions

By Chester Seaton, News

2/3- An auction for tickets to participate in the upcoming Heisenberg test flight was held this weekend. Bidding for each ticket started at 2000 imperial scrip, but reports say that each ticket, around 100 in all, went for no less than 50,000 each. This, on top of the fact that a 1000 scrip entry fee was charged for each of the auctions reported 500 seats, resulted in a killing for The Ministry of Crowndonian Planar Wing Transport.

The high entry fee priced out most of the average citizen, and most of those in attendance were movers and shakers in Triumvirate society. Socialites from all three empires, and even a few from Sarnwain, were in attendance. Tickets went to the wealthiest, surprising absolutely no one.
Among the winners was Nor Eastern Empress Marcellette Bastian, who took home the first twenty tickets.

“It is important that Nor Easter has a heavy presence on that plane,” said Her Imperial Majesty. “Not only for posterity, but as a show of support for our industrious neighbors to the west.”

Other winners include: Yolanda Desantana, who sent an envoy on her behalf, stating ‘business reasons’ for her inability to attend in person; Archibald Starkfeld, owner of the largest tobacco grower in the Colonies; the playwright Delando, currently working on the film version of his newest play; and Minister P.P. Walther, a weapons manufacturer from Toring.

Almost as interesting has who was there are those who were not. Notable absentees were Rigel Rinkenbach, the industrialist whose challenge kept the enterprise going, and Ivan Klankenvroot, whose company conceptualized and began construction. Neither man could be reached for comment.

The Heisenberg test flight is currently scheduled to take place on the seventh of next month. Citizens of Crowndon and the Triumvirate all are encouraged to attend.

Blackwood Gazette #91- Auction for Test Flight Tickets Raises Millions

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