Blackwood Gazette #302: Sarnwainian Coalition Sends Prince Djidann to Parlay with Desantana Fleet; Djidanni Forces Turn Guns on Compatriots

10/1/283- The stalemate between Sarnwainian and Triumvirate military forces along the northern border of the Triumvirate grew a little less stale this weekend, as the Sarnwainian Coalition (consisting of the combined military might of Djidann, Pharassia, Thankaen and Ganborrah) sent the Djidanni Prince to parlay with his former business associate (and rumored paramour) Yolanda Desantana. However, the Coalition greatly underestimated the hold Desantana had over the young prince.

“Their thinking was typically Sarnwainian,” Lieutenant Gabrielle Antillan, an officer in Desantana’s, fleet told us. “ ‘Send a man to put a woman in her place.’ What they got instead was a toothless puppy wrapped around said woman’s finger.”

Shortly after his arrival aboard Desantana’s air ship, Prince Alarasant Djida is said to have sent a message to his nation’s forces. The Djidanni military, easily comprising the largest percentage of the force, then turned their guns on the rest of the Coalition. After a brief ten-minute fire fight, the Coaltion is said to have called a ceasefire and retreated.

“Once again, our illustrious Governess has proven her talent for laying the groundwork for fruitful alliances,” the Lt. Antillan said. “We’ve always known she had an instinct for business, but now she’s proven herself militarily as well.”

The turnout of this conflict has proven fruitful for now, but we have yet to see the no doubt catastrophic repercussions Djidann’s betrayal will have throughout the Sarnwainian power structure. Prince Djida has returned home, where his father, the King of the second largest power in the Sarnwainian Empire, is said to be exceedingly angry about the results of situation.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about the Prince,” Lt. Antillan told us. “Yolanda Desantana is firmly in his corner, and any action against him will be an action against her and the Triumvirate of the Sky. The King would be wise to seek out alliance with the Triumvirate.”


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Blackwood Gazette #302: Sarnwainian Coalition Sends Prince Djidann to Parlay with Desantana Fleet; Djidanni Forces Turn Guns on Compatriots

Blackwood Gazette #295- First Armored Fleet Takes to the Air; Monteddor Pledges Aid for Nor Easter

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

29/12/282-Almost as if in answer to the growing turmoil along the borders between Nor Easter and Sarnwain, the Triumvirate Authority announced today that the First Armored Fleet has reached a functional state and been deployed.

The fleet, led by the flagship Acrimonious Bulwark, commanded by Admiral Alejandro Julianos, took to the air yesterday evening. They will rendezvous with the Bulwark at an undisclosed location and from there join the ranks of airships gathering along the Cerrano Meridian.

“The construction and deployment of the fleet has gone more smoothly than we ever could have hoped,” said Triumvirate Authority Commander Adam Shepard. “We were able to construct and deploy the ships in record time, thanks in part to private parties in Monteddor and Crowndon, as well as Desantana Refining. I have no doubt that with these new ships, the Triumvirate can weather anything Sarnwain can throw at Nor Easter.”

While the First Armored Fleet reinforces the line at the Meridian, the nearly unfathomable fleet known unofficially as the Triumvirate of the Skies will join the fray. Johanna McKilroy and Zan You-Delsha will stand along side Julianos, while Desantana and Plamondon will head north to reinforce Nor Eastern infantry in the mountains, where Sarnwainian ground forces have been amassing for several days.

“If Sarnwain follows through on its threat to attack Nor Easter, they will be crushed,” Yolanda Desantana told us. “Monteddor and Nor Easter may have their differences, but we are allies under the Triumvirate Accords. Between Alejandro’s new fleet and mine, as well as Nor Easter’s Navy and fighter squadrons, we outnumber Sarnwain ten to one, and with better resources at our disposal. It won’t be a war any more than crushing a roach with a shoe is a war. It will be a quickly forgotten footnote in our history, if that.”

And what of Crowndon? The great Northern Empire has yet to address the situation, but Desantana isn’t worried.

“Throwing them into the mix would be overkill,” she said. “Or perhaps they might be a liability; they’re too busy trying to wrangle their own citizens at the moment. We don’t need them right now. Perhaps we don’t need them at all.”

Blackwood Gazette #295- First Armored Fleet Takes to the Air; Monteddor Pledges Aid for Nor Easter

Blackwood Gazette #290- Desantana Fleets Return to Monteddor

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Easter EIC

20/12/282- Triumvirate Authority pickets along Triumvirate borders have reported a surge in activity along the Imperial Skyways over the past week. Most of the increased activity comes from the movements of Desantana flotillas.

The Desantana ships were all seen to be headed towards Monteddor, leading many to believe that the fleets have been recalled. The reasoning and purpose of this recall is unknown at this time, but citizens across the Triumvirate who were witness to the migration uniformly described it as frightening.

One man in particular, a fisherman from Govanna Territory, said, “I thought it was some sort of invasion. None of the ships I saw seemed to be of the Triumvirate variety. They were covered in weird markings and flew a banner I’d never seen before.”

The strange banner in question is likely that of the Molten Crown Mercenary group. The Authority says that similar ships were seen mixed in with the fleets of Seylene Plamondon and Johanna McKilroy. Desantana has been pursuing a partnership with the group for some time, and it would appear that alliance has been formed.

Whatever the reason for this mass gathering of mercenary and pirate fleets in Monteddor, one can’t deny the unease that it causes. Neither Monteddor’s High King nor Yolanda Desantana could be reached for comment.

Blackwood Gazette #290- Desantana Fleets Return to Monteddor

Blackwood Gazette #276-Desantana Fleet Involved in Skirmish with Molten Crown Mercenaries

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

22/11/282- Nearly six months ago, the Gazette reported that Yolanda Desantana’s ambitious ‘Triumvirate of the Skies’ (an alliance between Desantana, the Pirate Queen Seylene Plamondon, and the former pirate hunter Johanna McKilroy) was courting a fourth member, the former princess of Quin-Loh, Zan You-Delsha. It would appear, however, that those efforts have proven in vain.

Reports made by Sarnwainian forces patrolling the eastern waters of the Pyros Ocean indicate that a fleet of airships commanded by McKilroy were seen engaging with Molten Crown mercenary ships. It is unclear how the skirmish began, but it is said to have been brief as both forces retreated after sustaining light damage.

“From the sounds of things, both fleets were evenly matched,” said Dante Luna, a retired captain of Monteddor’s air navy and instructor at Monteddor City Military Academy. “It also sounds like there was never an intent at a full engagement. It was more like the two fleets were feeling each other out, trying to get a grasp on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This could either be the first stage of bringing You-Delsha into the fold, or the beginning of a bloody rivalry.”

Luna went on to say that any war between the factions would depend on Desantana and Plamondon’s willingness to back up their compatriot.

“There’s more than a little bad blood between the pirate queen and the huntress. Honestly, I’m surprised the alliance has lasted as long as it has. If Plamondon has Desantana’s favor, they may leave McKilroy to fight You-Delsha on her own, leaving both fleets weakened and ripe for the taking.”

If the alliance holds, however, and the Molten Crown mercenaries are brought into the fold, the captain says Desantana’s already immense fleet would become unstoppable.

“Between the four of them, they would have enough resources and martial experience to challenge the combined forces of the Triumvirate’s individual militaries, as well as the Authority. Add in Desantana’s ties to Alejandro Julianos, and the implications are downright apocalyptic.”

Blackwood Gazette #276-Desantana Fleet Involved in Skirmish with Molten Crown Mercenaries

Blackwood Gazette #266- Desantana Security Foils Assassination Attempt; Begin Hunt for Suspects

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

12/10/282-Desantana Security officials tell us that they were able to thwart the attempted assassination of an unspecified high ranking member of the Monteddorian military late last week. The attempt was the latest in a long line of similar crimes that have occurred this year.

The operation, a Desantana Security spokesperson told us, was set up solely to draw the assassin out. Specifics as to how the military officer would be a target for the assassin were not divulged, but considering the other targets were all involved in the bombardment of Sanado Flores, it is likely the officer was involved in that ill-fated operation.

The trap was sprung at a speech given by the officer at the opening of a new Desantana blackwood refining facility in Govanna Territory. Security specialists were able to pinpoint the attacker before the kill was made. While the assassin ultimately eluded capture, D.S. personnel was able to engage in a brief fire fight.

The suspect is said to be a Monteddorian woman in her early to mid-twenties, and it is believed that she may be a surviving rebel from the Sanado Flores attack. Interviews conducted around the nearby town show that a woman matching this description was spotted a few days before, procuring supplies. The interviews also revealed she was possibly traveling with another, older woman, likely of Crowndon descent with graying blonde hair.

Several of the people who claim to have seen the pair referred to them as either ‘Moldradus’ (an old Govan word for Shaper) or ‘Ropaos Moldradus’ (Shaper Rogue). The significance of these terms is yet to be determined.

Desantana Security and the Monteddorian military both have increased their presence in the area as well as along the borders of Govanna. They are confident the assassins will be detained or killed soon.

Blackwood Gazette #266- Desantana Security Foils Assassination Attempt; Begin Hunt for Suspects

Blackwood Gazette #241-DeSantana/Plamondon Alliance Grows Stronger with Addition of Notorious Pirate Hunter

by Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

1/6/282-Several weeks ago, the Triumvirate stood in stunned silence as Blackwood magnate Yolanda Desantana joined her security forces with those of the Pirate Queen Seylene Plamondon, creating the largest private air fleet in the Triumvirate. Since then, the Empire has waited for news on how this alliance would play out.

As it turns out, they aren’t done recruiting. Reports from Crowndon and Monteddor both claim that Desantana and Plamondon have accepted a third major figure into their venture, the wayward pirate hunter and Crowndon fugitive, Captain Johanna McKilroy.

The addition of McKilroy stands to turn this already sticky situation into a powder keg. Given McKilroy’s history of taking down pirates, many of whom were close associates of Plamondon, many are wondering how long it takes before the two start tearing each other apart. There is also the question of McKilroy’s fugitive status in Crowndon, though given that Plamondon is one of the most wanted women in the world, McKilroy’s own warrants may be a moot point in the shadow of Desantana’s influence.

Not everyone believes the alliance will blow up in the faces of those involved. Marcel De La Croix, an expert in the finicky politics of pirates, mercenaries and other shady elements, claims this alliance could prove to be a force to be reckoned with, should it survive.

“Yolanda Desantana has proven to be a shrewd and pragmatic leader in recent years,” De La Croix told us. “With her as the core, I have no doubt she will ultimately be able to not only broker a truce between Pirate Queen and Pirate Huntress, but galvanize them in pursuit of some larger purpose, whatever that may be.”

In the meantime, the people of Monteddor have already taken to calling the alliance the Triumvirate of the Sky, and rumor has it that Desantana has her eye on further expansion. One possible candidate? Zan You-Delsha, who infamously abdicated her position as Princess of Quin Loh by throwing her crown into a volcano in order to form the Molten Crown mercenary group. The group consists of over three hundred ships, aerial and nautical, and has begun making a name for itself suppressing various uprisings in the Pyrossi islands during the last decade.

Blackwood Gazette #241-DeSantana/Plamondon Alliance Grows Stronger with Addition of Notorious Pirate Hunter

Blackwood Gazette #232-Plamondon and Desantana Fleets Converge in the Skies over The Sea of Wrecked Beginnings and Bitter Ends

By Chester Seaton, News

13/4- After months of hostilities brewing between the security forces of the Desantana Territory and the pirate fleets of Seylene Plamondon, the situation reached a head this weekend. One might of have expected an epic battle of apocalyptic proportions, sending flaming wreckage plummeting into the sea below, but the situation ended with an unexpected outcome that many fear could lead to a dire outcome.

Reports say that the convergence of the fleets came about as the result of a challenge from Yolanda Desantana made directly to Seylene Plamondon. A shipping vessel taking a nearby route seems to verify this, saying they saw Desantana’s fleet arrive in the early afternoon.

Plamondon accepted the challenge, and according to the same shipping vessel, which for reasons unknown decided to stick around and monitor the situation, arrived later that day. It was at that point the vessel decided to bug out.

We have no way of knowing what transpired next, as neither Desantana nor Plamondon have issued statements. What we do know is that the flagships of both fleets were both present, and it is highly likely both women were on board. According to analysts in Nor Eastern intelligence, it is believed that Desantana and Plamondon met in parlay, and an agreement was reached.

The result of this agreement was witnessed two days later, as both fleets arrived in the skies above Monteddor City, and we have reports that Plamondon ships have been integrated into Desantana patrols, suggesting some sort of partnership has been established.

Such a partnership has Crowndon military officials up in arms, ever as always these days, it would seem.

The ever vocal Crowndonian Fleet Admiral Henry McTolliver minced no words in reacting to the situation.

“This is pure insanity! First, we give control of a fleet made up of the most advanced ships produced by the Triumvirate to a Monteddorian crime lord, and now we have an alliance between a Monteddorian crime lord’s daughter (who killed her crime lord father and now has an iron grip on almost 90 percent of the Blackwood supply, I might add) and the largest pirate fleet in the known world. I’m starting to think we should just rip up the Triumvirate treaties and call ourselves New Monteddor.”

Blackwood Gazette #232-Plamondon and Desantana Fleets Converge in the Skies over The Sea of Wrecked Beginnings and Bitter Ends

Blackwood Gazette #217- Courting Disaster: Yolanda Desantana Seen Meeting with Djidanni Prince

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

12/2/282- You might want to sit down for this one readers. Rumor has it that there’s a new power couple in town, and this time the word ‘power’ isn’t just a metaphor.

According to gossip mongers in the Djidanni capital of Teras Madai, Prince Alarasant Djida was seen personally escorting Blackwood magnate Yolanda Desantana along a private beach earlier this week. As a result, rumors about what the two may have been discussing spread like wildfire.

This wildfire was perhaps fanned by the fact that neither Desantana nor the Djidanni royal family denied the meeting. They did, however, offer a clarification.

“It was completely business related,” a Desantana rep said. “The five Royals of Monteddor have long standing relationships with Djidann, going all the way back to before the founding of the triumvirate. Prince Alarasant extended an invitation to Miss Desantana to share with her the recent developments involving the refining of oil and development of diesel engines.”

Even if what the Desantana rep claims is true, the meeting of the most powerful holder of Blackwood interests meeting with the Prince of the country developing a competing fuel source is cause for…I’m not sure exactly. Excitement? Concern? Whatever the emotion should be, one can rest assured it will have widespread economic ramifications.

Despite the statement of Desantana’s rep and a similar one given by the Djidanni royal family, the imaginations of gossip hounds around the continent have been captured. Prince Alarasant has a reputation for being quite charming, and Desantana isn’t famous for being chaste. Both are known for knowing what they want and how to get it. Whether or not they want each other is anyone’s guess, and lots of people are guessing. One needs just stroll to the nearest peddlers of Penny Dreadfuls to see that the pens of smut writers have been running hot since the rumors first started.

Blackwood Gazette #217- Courting Disaster: Yolanda Desantana Seen Meeting with Djidanni Prince

Blackwood Gazette #209- Yolanda Desantana Named Monteddor’s Most Desirable Woman

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

23/1/282- Look out, Triumvirites…Yolanda Desantana is officially the Most Desirable Woman in Monteddor, according to a random group of people working for what I’m told is a prestigious fashion publication in Monteddor.

The woman most well-known for pretending to be a vapid socialite for most of her adult life before engaging in patricide and leading a ruthless takeover of the Blackwood refining industry that resulted in a brutal civil war that cost countless Monteddorian lives will be featured on the cover of “Moxxxi” this month.

Included in the feature are photos of Desantana wearing the latest fashions designed by Gustavo Frederick-Alanstead Gallardo , as well as an interview:

“People have underestimated me my entire life. Part of that was by design, but it wasn’t that difficult. There are certain expectations of a magnate’s daughter from birth; I simply played those expectations like a mandolin. Most of those who looked down on me from a pedestal are now doing so upside down from a chain in a slaughterhouse, with their necks sliced open and bleeding into a bucket.

“Tee. Hee. Hee.”


The article explains the editors’ reasoning as such:

“She’s bold, she’s beautiful, and she’ll blow up your house if you rub her the wrong way. Yolanda Desantana is the owner and CEO of Desantana Blackwood, which pretty much makes her the most powerful woman in the Triumvirate, if not the world (sorry, Empress Marcellette). Not only that, but she governs Monteddor’s Desantana Province with a firm hand and commands the second largest military force in Monteddor, after Alejandro Julianos (with whom she has formed a nearly unbreakable alliance, so his troops are pretty much her troops at this point). Don’t ask her if they’re dating though…the first person we sent to interview her hasn’t woken up yet after doing just that!”

I can’t help but imagine these people in a room, surrounded by Desantana military personal, scribbling out platitudes that don’t come off as pandering. I know I wouldn’t be able to resist a little bit of snark, and I’m amazed that last line was even included. Here’s hoping whoever wrote it still has their fingers.

Blackwood Gazette #209- Yolanda Desantana Named Monteddor’s Most Desirable Woman

Blackwood Gazette #174- Rebel Aircraft Hit Desantana Blackwood Interests

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

7/8- Alejandro Julianos’ forces suffered another grievous blow this week, as the rebel leader Dougherty unleashed her recently captured fighter planes on Desantana Blackwood distribution operations across Monteddor.

The attack happened in the early morning hours Vurnsday morning, as four five plane squadrons hit major distribution centers in Govanna, Desantana, Ballantine, and Salasan territories. In each case, the main Blackwood storage facilities were hit, sending fires raging throughout the centers and the surrounding countryside.

Due to the unusual alchemical properties of the Blackwood, the fires have proven nearly impossible to extinguish. Analysts estimate that somewhere between one to two hundred tons of Blackwood were set alight in total. The costs from both the damage and the yield of lost Blackwood are said to be astronomical, and the death toll in said to number in the hundreds.

“This could very well lead to a supply crisis that will make the difficulties last winter look like a Nor Eastern midday tea break by comparison,” said a spokesperson for Yolanda Desantana. “Recovering from this will be a struggle, but Miss Desantana has no doubt that it will be possible. Still, Northern Crowndon should prepare for another rough winter.”

Given the recent military alliance between Crowndon and Julianos, and the effects that this attack will have on Crowndon, many speculate that the Crowndon Air Corps may intervene. Neither Monteddor or Crowndon has issued a statement on this possibility, however.

As for the rebel aircraft, all twenty planes managed to hit their targets and escape before Julianos’ forces could intervene, leading to questions about Julianos’ capabilities as the commander of Monteddor’s military forces. These concerns are only exacerbated by the fact that Julianos recently sent a large expeditionary force overseas to the colonies for unknown reasons.

The attack has also led to fears that Dougherty may target the Blackwood Grove itself, which would be a disaster of apocalyptic proportions. As such, the Triumvirate Authority has tripled security around the Grove, both on the ground and in the skies above.

Blackwood Gazette #174- Rebel Aircraft Hit Desantana Blackwood Interests