Blackwood Gazette #196- Rebel Leader Dougherty Reported Killed During Attack on Julianos Estate

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

29/9-We’ve learned new details about the ground assault on Alejandro Julianos’ estate that took place alongside the air assault over Monteddor City yesterday. While the majority of the city’s defense resources were engaged not only with the enemy aircraft, but several newly reported infantry incursions along the outskirts of the city as well, a small band of rebels infiltrated the estate.

Leading the rebels was none other than the enigmatic Dougherty herself. The rebel leaders’ plan had been to initiate the city wide attack in order pull resources away from Julianos’ defense, and while the distraction certainly thinned the ranks gathered around the military commander’s compound, Dougherty apparently didn’t plan for Julianos’ personal guard.

While Dougherty and her men are said to have made an admiral sprint for the estate’s main building, Julianos’ body guards were able to route the rebels into a small courtyard. Once inside, the body guards cut down the intruders with ease. To add insult to injury, Julianos wasn’t even present in the city, as his fleet prepares to aid in providing security for the Triumvirate Summit this week.

Included among the dead is the rebel leader Dougherty, along with most of her best lieutenants and a platoon sized force of rebel fighters. Upon hearing of her death, the rest of the attacking forces surrendered. Those who laid down their arms were arrested; anyone else was promptly shot.

The Monteddorian military believes that with Dougherty gone, the remnants of her farmer’s rebellion will be easily crushed as it descends into anarchy, an eventuality many intelligence analysts suggest was already on the verge of occurring. This impending collapse is likely the reason why Dougherty made such a large gamble in the first place.

“This is not a day for pride,” Julianos’ representative stated. “Both Julianos and the High King can express only relief that this conflict has reached its end. Perhaps now we may be able to turn our attentions outward and continue to expand Monteddor’s brilliant influence further across both the Triumvirate, and the world.”


This would seem to be the end for Dougherty, leader of the Monteddorian rebellion. Or is it?

<dramatic pause>

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Blackwood Gazette #196- Rebel Leader Dougherty Reported Killed During Attack on Julianos Estate

Blackwood Gazette #195- Julianos’ Crack Pilots Engage Rebels in Epic Dogfight Over Monteddor City

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

28/9- The skies above Monteddor’s capital erupted in a storm of flame and metal today, as the remaining number of Dragonfly Aircraft stolen by the rebel leader Dougherty attacked. Military commanders say that the fighters were targeting a number of Julianos warships stationed in Skydock above the city’s northern airbase.

The attack came just after dawn, as the airships in question began loading up on munitions for their next deployment. The newly loaded munitions, stored on the top deck of the ship before being moved down below, offered an enticing target to the rebels.

The stolen fighter planes managed to strike the payloads of two of the six warships, igniting the munitions and sending the ships crashing into the air yard below. One of the downed ships crushed a hangar where food and medical supplies were being stored.

The rogue aircraft were about to engage a third ship, when a squadron of Monteddorian fighters from a base on the west side were scrambled and moved to engage. This squadron was none other than the elite “Flying Panthers” fighter squadron, a group of elite pilots assembled for the sole purpose of hunting the rebel planes. At the head of the formation was none other than Captain Anassia Degadas herself.

Witnesses on the ground say that the fight between the Panthers, outnumbered two to one, and the rebel fighters was an astonishing sight to behold as the two groups swarmed around each other, trading shots and outmaneuvering one another until finally the Panthers were able to corral the attackers into a tightly packed, nearly wing to wing formation. Once this was accomplished, the fight was over in seconds.

We are told that the Panthers did not engage in the same ‘playful’ behavior as their last encounter with the rebels, going instead for quick kills. Only two of the rebel fighters were able to break away from the fighting, but Degadas and her wingman gave pursuit and shot both planes down.

In addition to the aerial attack on the air base, we are told that a small group of rebels engaged in a simultaneous attack on the personal compound of Alejandro Julianos. Details on this attack are scarce at the moment, but it is believed that all combatants were either captured or killed, and that they intended to target Julianos himself, who is said to have been in the city on personal business. More as it develops.

Blackwood Gazette #195- Julianos’ Crack Pilots Engage Rebels in Epic Dogfight Over Monteddor City

Blackwood Gazette #184- Julianos Unleashes New Squadron of Ace Pilots Against Dougherty Rebels

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddor Correspondent

2/9- After several devastating defeats at the hands of Dougherty’s rebel movement, the Monteddorian military scored a decisive victory this weekend in the skies above Salasan.
After receiving reports that five of Dougherty’s captured Dragonfly fighter planes had been spotted in the area, the 2nd Monteddorian Air Squadron, nicknamed the “Flying Panthers” to denote their loyalty to Alejandro Julianos, took to the skies and destroyed the scouting party. Witnesses on the ground say the fight was brutal.

“They lived up to their name, that’s for sure,” said a farmer, who was tending his field when the fight went down. “One minute, there’s just these five planes flying low, like nobody’s business. The next, these ‘Flying Panthers’ as you call them came swooping out of the sky firing their guns. The whole thing should have been over with right there, but the Panthers weren’t shooting to kill. First, they crippled the planes. Then they took turns ripping them to shreds.”

The squadron is commanded by captain Anassia Degadas. A veteran of fifteen years, she was personally tasked by Julianos with putting the squadron together in response to Dougherty’s recent attacks.

“When the high military commander of Monteddor asks you to do something, you do it quick and you do it right,” Degadas told us. “So that’s what I did, hand picking the best pilots I’d worked with over my career. There was still a lot of training to do, what with the concept of these fighters being such a new one and all, but they took to it like true birds.”

When asked about the supposed brutality of the fight, Degada says she wanted to send a message.

“I want Dougherty to know who we are, and what we are capable of,” she says. “I want her to know that my pilots are out there, looking for hers. And I want her to know that she’ll never see us coming. Her moment in the skies is over. These are MY skies, and any trespasser will be picked apart by the claws of the Flying Panthers.”


Author’s note: Sorry for the recent irregularity of my posts, guys. I work in retail, and my hours have started getting crazy lately as the heavy release season starts, and are likely to get crazier the closer we get to the holidays.

Also, every now and then I look at a headline I have coming up and find that I’ve already covered that particular topic or development in another post, and that leaves me scrambling to come up with something new. I try to plan ahead, and I still have about twenty headlines left in the hopper, so that makes things easier.  I’m also working on revising a short story, so that cuts into my writing time as well. On top of that, I want to go back and revise the Gazette up to this point to clean up any errors that may have cropped up over the course of the last year and a half (there’s a bunch), and maybe release it as a compilation (either for free, or for a very low price…I’ll gladly consider any input from others who’ve done this before).

But stay tuned! The road to Gazette #200 is sure to be a twisty-turny one, indeed!

Blackwood Gazette #184- Julianos Unleashes New Squadron of Ace Pilots Against Dougherty Rebels

Blackwood Gazette #174- Rebel Aircraft Hit Desantana Blackwood Interests

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

7/8- Alejandro Julianos’ forces suffered another grievous blow this week, as the rebel leader Dougherty unleashed her recently captured fighter planes on Desantana Blackwood distribution operations across Monteddor.

The attack happened in the early morning hours Vurnsday morning, as four five plane squadrons hit major distribution centers in Govanna, Desantana, Ballantine, and Salasan territories. In each case, the main Blackwood storage facilities were hit, sending fires raging throughout the centers and the surrounding countryside.

Due to the unusual alchemical properties of the Blackwood, the fires have proven nearly impossible to extinguish. Analysts estimate that somewhere between one to two hundred tons of Blackwood were set alight in total. The costs from both the damage and the yield of lost Blackwood are said to be astronomical, and the death toll in said to number in the hundreds.

“This could very well lead to a supply crisis that will make the difficulties last winter look like a Nor Eastern midday tea break by comparison,” said a spokesperson for Yolanda Desantana. “Recovering from this will be a struggle, but Miss Desantana has no doubt that it will be possible. Still, Northern Crowndon should prepare for another rough winter.”

Given the recent military alliance between Crowndon and Julianos, and the effects that this attack will have on Crowndon, many speculate that the Crowndon Air Corps may intervene. Neither Monteddor or Crowndon has issued a statement on this possibility, however.

As for the rebel aircraft, all twenty planes managed to hit their targets and escape before Julianos’ forces could intervene, leading to questions about Julianos’ capabilities as the commander of Monteddor’s military forces. These concerns are only exacerbated by the fact that Julianos recently sent a large expeditionary force overseas to the colonies for unknown reasons.

The attack has also led to fears that Dougherty may target the Blackwood Grove itself, which would be a disaster of apocalyptic proportions. As such, the Triumvirate Authority has tripled security around the Grove, both on the ground and in the skies above.

Blackwood Gazette #174- Rebel Aircraft Hit Desantana Blackwood Interests

Blackwood Gazette #167- Monteddorian Rebels Take Small Airfield, Gain Twenty Aircraft

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddor Correspondent

29/7-The forces of Alejandro Julianos suffered a stunning setback earlier this week when a large force of rebels, said to have been led by Dougherty herself, attacked a small airfield in Govanna. However, instead of destroying or sabotaging equipment, as has been the modus operandi of the rebels to this point, Dougherty’s forces instead captured twenty of Julianos’ fighter planes.

“The loss of these planes is a stunning blow to our forces, and an embarrassing one,” said General Octavio Mostandes. “It should serve as a wake-up call to Julianos, that these rebels are no longer just a trivial threat. They are an army, moving freely through our lands and now, our skies.”

Military analysts say that the addition of these aircraft to Dougherty’s forces could give her a chance to devastate a large portion of Julianos’ resources…if she has the talent available to fly them and the strategic reasoning to deploy them wisely.

“It might not seem like much to the layman,” said Enricio Falar, a teacher of military history and wartime strategy at Monteddor’s Aeronautical Warfare Academy. “But twenty fighter planes is a large number. These aircraft are still pretty rare, and twenty of them accounts for nearly ten percent of their number in existence, world-wide (those are the most recent estimates, anyway).

“And if Dougherty really is smart, and her actions up to this point show that she is indeed possessed of a high understanding of tactics and strategy, she won’t deploy her captured craft anytime soon. She will instead study them, reverse engineer, perhaps even figure out a way to build her own or modify non-military planes to bolster her new squadron.”

We reached out to Alejandro Julianos’ camp for statement. They only replied to say, “It’s being taken care of.”

Blackwood Gazette #167- Monteddorian Rebels Take Small Airfield, Gain Twenty Aircraft

Blackwood Gazette #136: Dougherty’s Rebels Bomb Three Refining Plants; “The Message is Clear”

By Isairo Palantes, Montedorrian Correspondent

8/6- As if in answer to Alejandro Julianos’ promise to build new Blackwood refineries in Monteddor, groups of rebels flying the banner of Dougherty bombed three existing facilities within the borders of Julianos, Desantana, and Salasan Provinces. The attacks have brought Blackwood production in those areas to a stand-still, and claimed the lives of over 300 workers.

“The message is clear,” said General Indio Rojos, of Salasan’s first armored division. “We promise to build three refineries, they bomb three. With this heinous act, the rebels have shown that they will not be placated. And like a dog that cannot be trained, a peasant who cannot be placated must be put down.”

General Rojos has taken to demanding the Dougherty rebels be labeled a clear and present danger to the interests of the Monteddorian Empire, if not the Triumvirate as a whole.

“I am tired of stepping softly around this filth,” General Rojos said. “We must dispense with niceties. It is no longer enough to ‘control’ these people. They must be rooted out and destroyed. You have noticed they fly a flag now? They want to be seen as a country, then we will treat them as we would any foreign entity that would deign to incite war within our borders. I wish to call on the support of Julianos and Desantana, as well as the Triumvirate Authority.”

A spokesperson for Julianos has called General Rojos remarks ‘inflammatory’, and stated that there is no need to declare all-out war on Dougherty and her forces just yet.

“It is very tempting to let loose and begin slaughtering anyone seen to be rebelling against Julianos’ authority,” the spokesperson said, “Julianos stresses that we must not forget that these rebels are Monteddorian citizens, and has even expressed a certain respect for Dougherty and her ability to rally so many under her cause in so short a time.

“Let us not forget, that little more than a year ago, Julianos was viewed as nothing more than an overly ambitious upstart. Four years ago, no one knew who Julianos was. Now he rules his own Province and commands one of the largest military forces in the world. In Dougherty, Julianos sees himself. Rather than salt the earth under Dougherty’s feet, he would prefer to reach out and open negotiations. Let it be known that the offer is open.”

Blackwood Gazette #136: Dougherty’s Rebels Bomb Three Refining Plants; “The Message is Clear”

Blackwood Gazette #106: Julianos’ Forces Issue Bounty on Bandit Responsible for Soldiers’ Death

by Chester Seaton, News

23/4- The investigation into the deaths of five Julianos soldiers in a small Monteddorian farming community has already borne fruit. A spokesperson for Julianos issued a statement today about the suspected assassin.

“We believe we are looking for a woman named Dougherty,” the spokesperson said. “She is the daughter of a Monteddorian woman and a Crowndonian expatriate named Alexander Dougherty, a deserter of the Air Corps who left the northern empire after the Minor Disagreement thirty five years ago.

“She is dark of hair, in her late twenties/early thirties, and said to favor her Monteddorian mother, which will allow her to blend in with the populace, except for a mess of scars and tattoos on her arms. It is reported that she keeps these covered with long sleeves.

“Though she is unremarkable in appearance, eye witnesses say she carries a revolver. Given the rarity of such weapons, and even rarer the possession of such weapons by Monteddorian women, we have faith that the bandit named Dougherty will be found soon.”

Julianos has issued a 200,000 tallo (roughly 20,000 gold pieces) bounty for Dougherty, dead or alive, and a 50,000 tallo reward for information leading to her capture or death. The statement also states that Dougherty is travelling with a platoon strength force of supporters. That force is slowly growing larger, as Dougherty is actively recruiting.

“We stress caution when trying to deal with Dougherty,” the spokesperson said. “Though most of the people supporting her are merely farmers, the numbers and fervor with which they are said to defend her have already become storied in the region.

“She’s become a hero among the folk. We must proceed with caution.”

The Bandit, "Dougherty" Drawing by Ryan Pierce


Blackwood Gazette #106: Julianos’ Forces Issue Bounty on Bandit Responsible for Soldiers’ Death