Blackwood Gazette #256-Roderick La Pierre Returns to Libertine’s Roost; Crowndon Applies for Right of Entry

By Chester Seaton, News

16/8/282- After a dramatic reentry onto the world stage three months ago, the notorious air pirate Roderick La Pierre has kept a low profile, with most raiding activity being attributed to Doctor Argyle Von Grimm or other, smaller pirate bands. However, La Pierre recently returned to the pirate haven of Libertine’s Roost.

In response to La Pierre’s return, the Crowndon military has applied for Right of Entry into the city with the goal of detaining and extraditing the former Admiral. Anyone who knows the politics of the Triumvirate knows that such petitions are typically rife with pitfalls and the right of entry with the hope of arresting a citizen of the Roost rarely ever pans out. In a surprising turns of events, however, it seems the Roost is cooperating.

“The Roost may look like a boiling pot of anarchists and ne’er do wells,” said Commander Simon Womack, the Crowndon officer overseeing the negotiations. “But they have a very strict code of honor…well, honor as interpreted by themselves. While things can get pretty bloody on the open sea or in the sky, on the Roost the rules are clear; they look out for each other.”

When it comes to the matter of Roderick La Pierre the citizens of the Roost are a bit looser on adhering to the rules, however.

“They can’t stand the man, any more than we do,” Cmdr. Womack said. “They see him as a liability, given his history and mercurial behavior. He was an Imperial officer, discharged for reckless waste of his own crews’ lives. He’s closely associated with the pirate hunter Johanna McKilroy, who recently acquired a Desantana fleet. And there was that incident with the gold; anyone who’d spend that much time and effort to steal most of Crowndon’s wealth only to leave it in a cave, covered in fish as part of a prank, is someone they can’t possibly hope to understand. It’s said that his coat still reeks of Barrier Tuna from that little episode, and that three crews have mutinied over it.”

Despite the Roost’s cooperation, Commander Womack says that the process is still slow going. He fears that La Pierre could catch on and go back into hiding.

“They want him gone, but they also don’t trust us. This probably has them confused. I also can’t imagine what pirate bureaucracy must look like. Even the most refined bureaucracy is a slow moving morass of red tape and dead ends. With a little patience and secrecy, though, we might finally bring La Pierre to justice.”

Blackwood Gazette #256-Roderick La Pierre Returns to Libertine’s Roost; Crowndon Applies for Right of Entry

Blackwood Gazette #255- Playwright Delando Announces New Play; Delando Fans Lose Minds in Worst Possible Way

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

12/8/282- Nor Easter’s foremost playwright, Delando, desperately needs a win. After controversies surrounding the use of incendiaries in a play that burned down the Empress Theatre, a subterfuge that involved people of wealth using proxies aboard the ill-fated Heisenberg instead of riding the aircraft themselves, and the complete failure that was the film version of his last play, one would think he’d be bending over backwards to salvage what’s left of his fan base.

And you’d be completely wrong.

“For his next play,” a spokesperson for Delando announced early last week, “Delando will be leaving behind the saga of the ‘Icthylliad’ saga to bring us a new vision, a vision in a world that starkly mirrors our own.”

Mere days after the press release hit papers, fans of Delando’s works took to parks, libraries, and pubs around Nor Easter to rage about the latest announcement.

“How dare Delando leave us hanging in such a way?” said a fan known in Delando circles as Bartolomew Bartlesby Bartlette (after an obscure character who died in the background during the third play only to come back in the tenth to reveal he was the puppet master BEHIND EVERYTHING). “You don’t leave your main character literally hanging from a cliff, about to receive the Elightenment of the 32 Halfweights from the Grand Six of Thelion, for six months only to reveal your next project is something that has nothing to do with said development. I demand satisfaction!”

Clement Aldridge Kene, author of the Gutted Earth series and noted friend/rival of Delando, weighed in on the controversy.

“Delando is not your kept man. He can write whatever he wants, and he’ll eventually circle back around to the ‘Ichtylliad’, for better or for worse. In the meantime, the Gutted Earth series will continue soon, so keep an eye out!”

Fans of Delando and Kene alike responded by holding a public burning of the two writers’ works. Nor Eastern fire marshals were called out to halt the blaze, but not before a few threw their own copies onto the fire.

Blackwood Gazette #255- Playwright Delando Announces New Play; Delando Fans Lose Minds in Worst Possible Way

Blackwood Gazette #254-Recovered NESS Operative ‘Confirms’ Deaths of Rinkenbach and Sinclaire

By Chester Seaton, News

10/8/282-In the week since a Pharassus military flotilla bombarded an ancient and historically valuable ruin, Triumvirate Authority officials have been picking through the rubble trying to piece together what happened. The Authority has now announced a breakthrough.

The sole survivor of the ground team on site, one Gerard P. Shanahan of the Nor Eastern Subterfuge Society, was recovered this weekend, camped in the valley near the ruins. Along with Shanahan, two bodies were recovered.

Shanahan claimed that the bodies belonged to the fugitives Pixie Sinclaire and Rigel Rinkenbach. An authority medical examiner confirmed that the bodies (which were reportedly too badly damaged to make an authoritative identification) were consistent with that of a Triumvirate woman and a man of Sarnwainian descent, both in their mid to late twenties, a description consistent with the pair.

The military of Crowndon, however, has several doubts on this story. For one, Shanahan is a known associate of both Rinkenbach and Sinclaire. Two, there is no one left to dispute his claims. Finally, it is said that the medical examiner in question was Nor Eastern, and was in fact appointed by the Figurehead Marcelette Bastian.

Despite Crowndon’s doubts, the Authority and Nor Easter both have officially declared Rinkenbach and Sinclaire dead. And despite the crimes both are accused of, the remains will be laid to rest in the Nor Eastern Imperial Memorial Cemetery, for their service in the Dividing War.

In Crowndon, many military units had planned to celebrate the deaths of two of our Empires most hated enemies. However, the military leadership has ordered all units to standing duty in order to prevent such displays.

“This whole thing reeks of a cover-up,” said Lord General Johnathan Gorsky. “We have nothing but Nor Eastern assurances of the pair’s demise. And Sarnwain still doesn’t have the answers it wants concerning Rinkenbach and Sinclaire’s actions. This isn’t over, I can guarantee that.”

Blackwood Gazette #254-Recovered NESS Operative ‘Confirms’ Deaths of Rinkenbach and Sinclaire

Blackwood Gazette #253-Assassination of Government Officials In Monteddor Sparks Renewed Unrest

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

2/8/282-After the assassination of the Governor of a small fiefdom in the Salasan Territory in Monteddor last week, a mob of angry farmers in the area stormed a government armory, likely with the aim of arming themselves for another rebellion. A similar situation happened last month, following the assassination of a governor in Govanna.

In addition, a week before the Govanna assassination, another, lower level official was killed. All three were killed by a single shot from a very far distance.

“It is our belief that all three murders were committed by the same individual,” said a Desantana Security spokesperson. “We also believe the deaths are related to the assassination of Captain Julian Rojas during his retirement ceremony on the ninth day of Fifth Month. We also believe that given the long amount of time between incidents, and the precision of the strikes, that these attacks are personal. We are currently going through each victim’s background in search of a link.”

As it turns out, this reporter did a bit of digging on his own and didn’t have to go very far. All four men served on the same ship during the Dougherty Rebellion last year. They were appointed to their positions by Alejandro Julianos after the bombardment of the small town of Sanado Flores in a bold but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to kill the rebellion leader, Dougherty.

Desantana Security officials declined to comment on this finding. They also stress that these assassinations are in no way related to the Pillar Assassinations in Crowndon, though they do admit that the similar nature of the two events is unnerving.

“The superstitious sort might say there’s some sort of societal sea change in the air,” said the Desantana Security spokesperson. “A ridiculous notion to be sure, but the Monteddorian people are a superstitious lot. Give any idea, no matter how idiotic, enough believers and it can be a threat. That’s probably why the last two kills led to revolt. They see it as a second chance for their rebellion.”

Desantana Security says that it will divert substantial resources to finding and stopping the killer.

Blackwood Gazette #253-Assassination of Government Officials In Monteddor Sparks Renewed Unrest

Blackwood Gazette #252-Crowndon Government Issues Subpoena For Former Gazette Reporter In Sedition Case

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern Editor in Chief

1/8/282-The drama surrounding the Blackwood Gazette’s devolution from trusted news source to government mouthpiece deepened today, as the Oligarchs of the Crowndon Empire issued a subpoena demanding former reporter turned freelancer Adella Chatelaine testify in the upcoming trials of several former colleagues charged with sedition.

Normally, this wouldn’t be much of an issue; Miss Chatelaine is a Nor Eastern citizen and worked for the NE branch of the Gazette. However, her status as a freelancer recently brought her to the Crowndon Capital to investigate the conditions of former Klankenvroot employees. It is believed that Miss Chatelaine is still in the country.

Crowndon has taken an increasingly isolationist stance in recent weeks, tightly controlling traffic to and from its territories. This subpoena no doubt would make it next to impossible for Miss Chatelaine to leave the Crowndon Empire.

If Miss Chatelaine does not answer the subpoena and she is outside the Empire, nothing will likely happen other than a permanent exile from Crowndon. If she is within the Empire, however, failure to appear likely means harsh penalties and she may even find herself accused of the same crimes as her colleagues (though, it is my personal belief that this ‘subpoena’ is more of a warrant for her arrest in disguise, and will like result in that scenario no matter what).

We here at the Gazette Nor Easter are working diligently to try and find Adella Chatelaine’s whereabouts, using any and all contacts. Hopefully we can persuade her to return home for the duration of this awful scenario.

The date on the subpoena gives Miss Chatelaine two weeks to report to the Crowndon Capital. It is believed that the trial of our associates will take place soon after.

Blackwood Gazette #252-Crowndon Government Issues Subpoena For Former Gazette Reporter In Sedition Case