Blackwood Gazette #252-Crowndon Government Issues Subpoena For Former Gazette Reporter In Sedition Case

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern Editor in Chief

1/8/282-The drama surrounding the Blackwood Gazette’s devolution from trusted news source to government mouthpiece deepened today, as the Oligarchs of the Crowndon Empire issued a subpoena demanding former reporter turned freelancer Adella Chatelaine testify in the upcoming trials of several former colleagues charged with sedition.

Normally, this wouldn’t be much of an issue; Miss Chatelaine is a Nor Eastern citizen and worked for the NE branch of the Gazette. However, her status as a freelancer recently brought her to the Crowndon Capital to investigate the conditions of former Klankenvroot employees. It is believed that Miss Chatelaine is still in the country.

Crowndon has taken an increasingly isolationist stance in recent weeks, tightly controlling traffic to and from its territories. This subpoena no doubt would make it next to impossible for Miss Chatelaine to leave the Crowndon Empire.

If Miss Chatelaine does not answer the subpoena and she is outside the Empire, nothing will likely happen other than a permanent exile from Crowndon. If she is within the Empire, however, failure to appear likely means harsh penalties and she may even find herself accused of the same crimes as her colleagues (though, it is my personal belief that this ‘subpoena’ is more of a warrant for her arrest in disguise, and will like result in that scenario no matter what).

We here at the Gazette Nor Easter are working diligently to try and find Adella Chatelaine’s whereabouts, using any and all contacts. Hopefully we can persuade her to return home for the duration of this awful scenario.

The date on the subpoena gives Miss Chatelaine two weeks to report to the Crowndon Capital. It is believed that the trial of our associates will take place soon after.

Blackwood Gazette #252-Crowndon Government Issues Subpoena For Former Gazette Reporter In Sedition Case

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