Blackwood Gazette #252-Crowndon Government Issues Subpoena For Former Gazette Reporter In Sedition Case

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern Editor in Chief

1/8/282-The drama surrounding the Blackwood Gazette’s devolution from trusted news source to government mouthpiece deepened today, as the Oligarchs of the Crowndon Empire issued a subpoena demanding former reporter turned freelancer Adella Chatelaine testify in the upcoming trials of several former colleagues charged with sedition.

Normally, this wouldn’t be much of an issue; Miss Chatelaine is a Nor Eastern citizen and worked for the NE branch of the Gazette. However, her status as a freelancer recently brought her to the Crowndon Capital to investigate the conditions of former Klankenvroot employees. It is believed that Miss Chatelaine is still in the country.

Crowndon has taken an increasingly isolationist stance in recent weeks, tightly controlling traffic to and from its territories. This subpoena no doubt would make it next to impossible for Miss Chatelaine to leave the Crowndon Empire.

If Miss Chatelaine does not answer the subpoena and she is outside the Empire, nothing will likely happen other than a permanent exile from Crowndon. If she is within the Empire, however, failure to appear likely means harsh penalties and she may even find herself accused of the same crimes as her colleagues (though, it is my personal belief that this ‘subpoena’ is more of a warrant for her arrest in disguise, and will like result in that scenario no matter what).

We here at the Gazette Nor Easter are working diligently to try and find Adella Chatelaine’s whereabouts, using any and all contacts. Hopefully we can persuade her to return home for the duration of this awful scenario.

The date on the subpoena gives Miss Chatelaine two weeks to report to the Crowndon Capital. It is believed that the trial of our associates will take place soon after.

Blackwood Gazette #252-Crowndon Government Issues Subpoena For Former Gazette Reporter In Sedition Case

Blackwood Gazette #246- Gazette Divided: Nor Eastern and Monteddorian Branches Still Independent

By Jeanne Petit, Nor Eastern Editor in Chief

5/7/282- As most of our readership are aware, the integrity of our publication came under a grievous attack this past month when the Crowndon government took control of our mother branch in the Crowndon capital. The Gazette’s owner, Maurice Merchant, and several of its prominent staff, including Hunter O’Leary and Ada Herschel, were taken into government custody and the Minister of Information Distribution was placed in charge of the offices.

The Crown claims they are being ‘questioned’ concerning supposed seditious remarks made by Miss Herschel in her articles that may be construed as being critical of the Crowndon military’s plan to deploy automatons equipped with cameras to monitor the citizenry of Crowndon. What this likely means is that Miss Herschel is likely already in a dark cell, having already been convicted, and waiting for her sentence.

It has become increasingly clear in recent months that Crowndon sees itself in a perpetual state of war after the Summit Attacks last year. The appointment of Alejandro Julianos as the Fleet Admiral of the Triumvirate Authority likely didn’t help matters, and in a desperate bid to maintain its waning military dominance, has begun tightening its grip. Reports state that production of military interest has increased two hundred percent in the last six months, while other economic sectors have begun to fail. Tax increases in several regions of the Crowndonian Empire have left citizens and businesses alike reeling, and now there are rumors of a surge of military influence amongst the Crowndon oligarchy, as figures like Lord Palatine McCredmond Hauks have had their loyalty and credibility diminished. The deaths of several prominent business men at the hands of a supposed Scarlet Circle assassin have also left a considerable vacuum for the military to increase its influence.

Now the main branch of the Blackwood Gazette has come under government control, effectively turning it into a mouth piece for the Ministry of Information Distribution. So, what does that mean for us, and our sister office in Monteddor?

It means nothing. Well, not entirely. Maurice Merchant prepared for this eventuality, and gave both myself and Bene Torillio, the EIC of the Monteddorian branch, very specific instructions concerning how to continue day to day operations in the event that Crowndon should fall under total martial control. Our staffs will continue to work tirelessly to bring the citizens of Nor Easter and Monteddor the facts of events facing our Triumvirate, unfiltered by governments or persons of power. And we’re going to try as hard as we can to bring the real Blackwood Gazette to the people of Crowndon (despite already facing stiff opposition; our deliveries have been barred for the past month, even before the takeover). We are also working tirelessly to persuade the Empress to petition for the release of Mister Merchant and his staff.

So, rest easy. The New Dystopian Ideal of Crowndon has yet to put its foot in our door. The Blackwood Gazette is a name you can still trust in Nor Easter.

Blackwood Gazette #246- Gazette Divided: Nor Eastern and Monteddorian Branches Still Independent

Blackwood Gazette #245- Blackwood Gazette Under Investigation for Sedition After IIC; Ministry of Information Distribution to Oversee Publication

By Sir Alaric Wolstenholme McAndrew V, Crowndon Minister of Information Distribution

30/6/282- It is with heavy heart that I must report to faithful readers of the Gazette that the number one source for news in Crowndon and around the Triumvirate has been placed under investigation by the Crown. The investigation comes as the result of several seditious comments made while reporting on this year’s Industry and Innovation Conference.

The purpose of the investigation is to root out the source of the corruption which lead to claims of the Crown overstepping its bounds during certain presentations. We aim to decide whether the beliefs expressed were those of the entire Blackwood Gazette staff, or merely those of the individual reporting on the Conference. That such opinions were even printed, however, suggests that the Gazette’s Editor in Chief, Maurice Merchant, is complicit at best with those beliefs. At worst, he is the source. Which would be a shame. As such, we will also be looking into problematic statements published throughout Mister Merchant’s time as editor, and their weight will be considered in making our final decision.

Rest assured, dear readers, that I, Sir Alaric Wolstenholme McAndrew V, the Crowndon Minister of Information Distribution, will keep you informed of updates concerning the fates of Mister Merchant and his staff. I am pleased to say that one staff member, one Mister Chester Seaton, has been interviewed and cleared of any and all wrong doing and proven to be a Crowndon Man of the highest caliber and most noble character. He will continue to report on the state of Imperial affairs as much as one man is able.

Have a Good Day, Dear Crowndon. Our Best Times Are Still Ahead of Us.

Blackwood Gazette #245- Blackwood Gazette Under Investigation for Sedition After IIC; Ministry of Information Distribution to Oversee Publication