Book Trailer Update

A few weeks ago, I posted the beginnings of an illustration I planned to use in a trailer for a novel. Well, I’ve been hard at work and thought I’d share how it’s coming along!

Pixie_deskNewshirt_armsI know that it’s taken a while, but I lost about a week’s worth of work when I decided I wasn’t happy with the initial line drawing and tossed it. I’m still finding little things to obsess over (I spent most of yesterday completely re-doing the window in the back ground and just this morning I changed the position of her right arm and some of the detail on the vest). I’m hoping that now that I have a workflow locked down and a firmer concept in my mind of what I want the art work in the trailer to look like, the other images will come much more quickly.

And I just noticed I haven’t shaded the cuff of her left sleeve. Wonderful.

Hope to have more soon!

Book Trailer Update

A Little Preview…

I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to lately, and it looks like my posts will be scarce for a while. I’m about to start my final quarter at the Art Institute of Houston, and I need to focus on polishing and putting together a sizzle reel for potential employers. I’ll also need to focus on my upcoming internship (a requirement for graduation).

I’m also trying to focus on wrapping up some rewrites for a novel I hope to publish by the end of the year, so most of my writing energy is going into that project. As a result, The Shroom Job will be going on hiatus.

The Shroom Job was my first attempt at doing a serialized story, and so far I feel like I’ve failed at it. I was posting as I was writing, and as a result, the story wasn’t as polished or developed as it should have been. It also spun out of control a bit…I intended a five or six part story, and it has gone way past that. Any future endeavors I take in serializing a story will be completed before hand.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some of the first line art and a text template from a new motion graphics project I’m working on, a book trailer for the novel I mentioned above.

Early line art featuring the character of Pixie Sinclaire:

PixieThe completed shot will be painted digitally and feature Pixie, sitting behind a cluttered desk with her feet up. On a separate layer will be a background shot of her office. The shot will feature a slight parallax to give it some dimension, and various animated effects will be composited into the scene to give it some life. Pixie’s an adventurous sort, and a bit of a rogue. I’m aiming for a bit of a noir feel, except in this case the femme fatale is also the private eye.

Proposed template for text inserts (I need to update the map):

vlcsnap-2013-09-15-11h45m19s228These text plates feature animated text over a moving background (the map). The clouds are animated as well, using a turbulent displace effect. I’m unsure of the typeface, as in some shots it looks a little thin and hard to read. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has them.

A Little Preview…

Video-Blackwood Empire Mock Trailer Animatic

This is an animatic for a project I hope to produce over the next six months for my senior project. It will incorporate digitally created visual effects with live action footage. Hopefully it turns out like I see it in my head (always the tricky part, that), and I can use it for a Kickstarter or a pitch video to get the web-series I want to produce a chance in hell of existing.

This is very much a work in progress, so suggestions are welcome.

Video-Blackwood Empire Mock Trailer Animatic