Ryan Pierce recently completed mental conditioning and cultural indoctrination at the Art Institute of Houston, studying Visual Effects and Motions Graphics. He earned his bachelors in December 2013. So far it hasn’t brought him any closer to a viable career, but he met some really cool people along the way and he gained some new storytelling tools, so he counts it as a success

Before that, he spent some time in the military, traveling the world and doing things Marines do best: boozin’ and schmoozin’. Oh, and saving the world…abstractly. From behind a desk. Look, somebody had to file that paperwork, alright?

Of course, these are just things he did. At his core, Ryan Pierce is a storyteller, a man who tells the truth by lying, and hopefully, an entertainer.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Incidentally, I like your About page. Short, informative, and witty 🙂

    And I’d like to find a more relevant place to ask this, but I’m lazy…have you finished A Dance With Dragons? I notice it hanging out there on your Goodreads widget every time I visit your blog, and ever time I wonder…

    1. *every time
      (I’m usually so much better at proofreading my comments before posting them on other people’s blogs. The fact that I can’t go back and fix things freaks me out!)

    2. Thanks for your comments! I’ll look into that formatting idea you had for the Gazette compilation, that’s a really good idea.

      As for A Dance With Dragons, I haven’t finished it. I took a break from it because it took me so long to get through A Feast for Crows and there was other stuff I wanted to check out. I’m about 740 pages in, though, so once I pick it back up it shouldn’t take long to finish.

      1. Oh, gosh. I had to force myself to finish A Feast for Crows. Powered through by sheer determination. It wasn’t pretty. I think I dawdled with ADWD too. Those last two books are just exhausting. Martin let it get out of control…I’m hoping he’ll tighten it back up for The Winds of Winter.

        And you’re very welcome!

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