Book Trailer Update

A few weeks ago, I posted the beginnings of an illustration I planned to use in a trailer for a novel. Well, I’ve been hard at work and thought I’d share how it’s coming along!

Pixie_deskNewshirt_armsI know that it’s taken a while, but I lost about a week’s worth of work when I decided I wasn’t happy with the initial line drawing and tossed it. I’m still finding little things to obsess over (I spent most of yesterday completely re-doing the window in the back ground and just this morning I changed the position of her right arm and some of the detail on the vest). I’m hoping that now that I have a workflow locked down and a firmer concept in my mind of what I want the art work in the trailer to look like, the other images will come much more quickly.

And I just noticed I haven’t shaded the cuff of her left sleeve. Wonderful.

Hope to have more soon!

Book Trailer Update

2 thoughts on “Book Trailer Update

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, “Shroom Job” is on the backburner for now while I figure out what I want to do with it. I meant for it to be a short serial, five or six parts long. Ten weeks later, I was still on the damn train, so I’ve decided to fall back and reassess the scope of the story.

      The trailer is for a novel I wrote last year (same fictional universe as “Shroom Job”, different characters). I’m currently looking at various self publishing routes, mainly createspace. I’m also hoping to use it for part of a demo reel showcasing various motion graphics pieces to show employers (ad agencies, maybe some local tv affiliates, any one who needs animated logos, text, still images, etc.)

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