Blackwood Gazette #253-Assassination of Government Officials In Monteddor Sparks Renewed Unrest

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

2/8/282-After the assassination of the Governor of a small fiefdom in the Salasan Territory in Monteddor last week, a mob of angry farmers in the area stormed a government armory, likely with the aim of arming themselves for another rebellion. A similar situation happened last month, following the assassination of a governor in Govanna.

In addition, a week before the Govanna assassination, another, lower level official was killed. All three were killed by a single shot from a very far distance.

“It is our belief that all three murders were committed by the same individual,” said a Desantana Security spokesperson. “We also believe the deaths are related to the assassination of Captain Julian Rojas during his retirement ceremony on the ninth day of Fifth Month. We also believe that given the long amount of time between incidents, and the precision of the strikes, that these attacks are personal. We are currently going through each victim’s background in search of a link.”

As it turns out, this reporter did a bit of digging on his own and didn’t have to go very far. All four men served on the same ship during the Dougherty Rebellion last year. They were appointed to their positions by Alejandro Julianos after the bombardment of the small town of Sanado Flores in a bold but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to kill the rebellion leader, Dougherty.

Desantana Security officials declined to comment on this finding. They also stress that these assassinations are in no way related to the Pillar Assassinations in Crowndon, though they do admit that the similar nature of the two events is unnerving.

“The superstitious sort might say there’s some sort of societal sea change in the air,” said the Desantana Security spokesperson. “A ridiculous notion to be sure, but the Monteddorian people are a superstitious lot. Give any idea, no matter how idiotic, enough believers and it can be a threat. That’s probably why the last two kills led to revolt. They see it as a second chance for their rebellion.”

Desantana Security says that it will divert substantial resources to finding and stopping the killer.

Blackwood Gazette #253-Assassination of Government Officials In Monteddor Sparks Renewed Unrest

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