Blackwood Gazette #256-Roderick La Pierre Returns to Libertine’s Roost; Crowndon Applies for Right of Entry

By Chester Seaton, News

16/8/282- After a dramatic reentry onto the world stage three months ago, the notorious air pirate Roderick La Pierre has kept a low profile, with most raiding activity being attributed to Doctor Argyle Von Grimm or other, smaller pirate bands. However, La Pierre recently returned to the pirate haven of Libertine’s Roost.

In response to La Pierre’s return, the Crowndon military has applied for Right of Entry into the city with the goal of detaining and extraditing the former Admiral. Anyone who knows the politics of the Triumvirate knows that such petitions are typically rife with pitfalls and the right of entry with the hope of arresting a citizen of the Roost rarely ever pans out. In a surprising turns of events, however, it seems the Roost is cooperating.

“The Roost may look like a boiling pot of anarchists and ne’er do wells,” said Commander Simon Womack, the Crowndon officer overseeing the negotiations. “But they have a very strict code of honor…well, honor as interpreted by themselves. While things can get pretty bloody on the open sea or in the sky, on the Roost the rules are clear; they look out for each other.”

When it comes to the matter of Roderick La Pierre the citizens of the Roost are a bit looser on adhering to the rules, however.

“They can’t stand the man, any more than we do,” Cmdr. Womack said. “They see him as a liability, given his history and mercurial behavior. He was an Imperial officer, discharged for reckless waste of his own crews’ lives. He’s closely associated with the pirate hunter Johanna McKilroy, who recently acquired a Desantana fleet. And there was that incident with the gold; anyone who’d spend that much time and effort to steal most of Crowndon’s wealth only to leave it in a cave, covered in fish as part of a prank, is someone they can’t possibly hope to understand. It’s said that his coat still reeks of Barrier Tuna from that little episode, and that three crews have mutinied over it.”

Despite the Roost’s cooperation, Commander Womack says that the process is still slow going. He fears that La Pierre could catch on and go back into hiding.

“They want him gone, but they also don’t trust us. This probably has them confused. I also can’t imagine what pirate bureaucracy must look like. Even the most refined bureaucracy is a slow moving morass of red tape and dead ends. With a little patience and secrecy, though, we might finally bring La Pierre to justice.”

Blackwood Gazette #256-Roderick La Pierre Returns to Libertine’s Roost; Crowndon Applies for Right of Entry

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