Blackwood Gazette #254-Recovered NESS Operative ‘Confirms’ Deaths of Rinkenbach and Sinclaire

By Chester Seaton, News

10/8/282-In the week since a Pharassus military flotilla bombarded an ancient and historically valuable ruin, Triumvirate Authority officials have been picking through the rubble trying to piece together what happened. The Authority has now announced a breakthrough.

The sole survivor of the ground team on site, one Gerard P. Shanahan of the Nor Eastern Subterfuge Society, was recovered this weekend, camped in the valley near the ruins. Along with Shanahan, two bodies were recovered.

Shanahan claimed that the bodies belonged to the fugitives Pixie Sinclaire and Rigel Rinkenbach. An authority medical examiner confirmed that the bodies (which were reportedly too badly damaged to make an authoritative identification) were consistent with that of a Triumvirate woman and a man of Sarnwainian descent, both in their mid to late twenties, a description consistent with the pair.

The military of Crowndon, however, has several doubts on this story. For one, Shanahan is a known associate of both Rinkenbach and Sinclaire. Two, there is no one left to dispute his claims. Finally, it is said that the medical examiner in question was Nor Eastern, and was in fact appointed by the Figurehead Marcelette Bastian.

Despite Crowndon’s doubts, the Authority and Nor Easter both have officially declared Rinkenbach and Sinclaire dead. And despite the crimes both are accused of, the remains will be laid to rest in the Nor Eastern Imperial Memorial Cemetery, for their service in the Dividing War.

In Crowndon, many military units had planned to celebrate the deaths of two of our Empires most hated enemies. However, the military leadership has ordered all units to standing duty in order to prevent such displays.

“This whole thing reeks of a cover-up,” said Lord General Johnathan Gorsky. “We have nothing but Nor Eastern assurances of the pair’s demise. And Sarnwain still doesn’t have the answers it wants concerning Rinkenbach and Sinclaire’s actions. This isn’t over, I can guarantee that.”

Blackwood Gazette #254-Recovered NESS Operative ‘Confirms’ Deaths of Rinkenbach and Sinclaire

Blackwood Gazette #247- Rinkenbach and Sinclaire Tracked to Abandoned Fortress; Situation Developing

By Chester Seaton, News

15/7/282– Breaking news in the ongoing saga of the rogue alchemist Rigel Rinkenbach and the Nor Eastern war criminal Pixie Sinclaire, as sources say a joint force of Nor Eastern spies and Pharassian Seekers have tracked the pair to the abandoned fortress of Ma-Droit. Unfortunately, the situation seems to be far from resolved.

The fortress, a holdover from before the founding of the Triumvirate, stands at the North Western Border between Sarnwain and Nor Easter. It once stood as a bastion against the invading hordes from Tarsia, and has a complicated and bloody history. It is also, despite its age, very well positioned and fortified, making the proposition of storming the fortress a tricky one.

“The builder of the fortress, Vasily Tremenkoff, was notorious not only for the horrific ways in which he dispatched his enemies, but for his love of traps,” said historian Alaine Fordeau. “The fortress is riddled with them, all the way from the highest parapets to the valley floor, deep below. No doubt many of these traps should be in a state of disrepair, if not for Nor Easter’s almost obsessive efforts to preserve its history…even the deadly, functional parts of it. Add to that the fact that the current tenants are the world’s premier industrialist and a highly trained Nor Eastern saboteur, and getting into the place is a dicey prospect, to say the least.”

How do we know the pair survived the fortress themselves?

“In the early morning hours of the first day, we observed an owl flying from the upper tower,” wrote Gerard P. Shanahan, the point man for the Nor Eastern interests. “I ordered it shot down. The species was not indigenous to the area, and it had a note tied to its leg. Nothing of great importance, just a verse of bad poetry meant for someone named Herbert. Doubtless the owl and the verse belong to Rinkenbach. We’re looking into it now.”

Further stalling the resolution of this situation is the joint force’s inability to decide what happens to Rinkenbach and Sinclaire once they are caught.

“Nor Easter no doubt wants them alive and in one piece so the two can provide answers for their actions,” an analyst said. “Sarnwain, on the other hand, probably only wants their heads.”

Blackwood Gazette #247- Rinkenbach and Sinclaire Tracked to Abandoned Fortress; Situation Developing

Blackwood Gazette #237- Rinkenbach and Sinclaire Hit Pharassus Military Outpost; Empress Bastian to Activate Society Agents

by Basilio Mura, Nor Eastern Correspondent

9/5/282-Rogue alchemist Rigel Rinkenbach and Nor Eastern Agent Pixie Sinclaire continued their reign of mayhem in Sarnwain, allegedly infiltrating a Pharassian military outpost last week, incapacitating several soldiers and making off with an unspecified piece of military hardware. Witnesses to the attack say the pair escaped the outpost and headed in the direction of the capital.

In response, the Primarch of Pharassus has placed the capital and surrounding cities under martial law, and mobilized several teams of the vaunted Pharuss Seekers. The Seekers made a name for themselves during the Harjyk Rebellion two hundred years ago for hunting down prominent rebel combatants that had been harrying the Pharassian military for months.

Not to be seen as taking the actions of the Nor Eastern affiliated Rinkenbach and Sinclaire lightly (or perhaps in fear for Rinkenbach’s safety), the Empress has activated several Subterfuge Society agents to locate and apprehend the pair.

“This is not meant to be an affront to the Primarch’s authority,” Her Imperial Grace said. “His agents and mine will work in concert to help reign in Sinclaire and Rigel. It is my hope that the presence of their fellow countrymen will prevent any confrontation from ending in tragedy, should the Primarch’s forces find them alone. Hopefully they can be taken unharmed and an explanation can be had.”

The Society tells us that four agents have been activated, and that one of them is Gerard P. Shanahan, who recently made the news when he defended himself against hecklers at a recent mandolin performance. According to his file, Shanahan and Sinclaire worked closely together in their early years with the Society. It is hope this will aid in quickly finding and subduing the rogues, before more damage is done.

Blackwood Gazette #237- Rinkenbach and Sinclaire Hit Pharassus Military Outpost; Empress Bastian to Activate Society Agents

Blackwood Gazette #228- Famous NESS Operative Leaves Five Dead, Four Wounded After Mandolin Performance Goes Awry

By Basilio Mura, Nor Eastern Correspondent

28/3/282- Patrons of Big Bessie’s Barroom, Billiards and Burlesque who gathered at the establishment for its grand reopening at its new location this weekend were no doubt expecting a leisurely evening of music and drink. What they got however, was something completely different.

Noted bard and mandolin player Gerard P. Shanahan took to the stage at 20 hundred hours to begin his set. According to audience members, the performance started well.

“He opened with Poulain’s ‘Moonwave Ebb and Flow’, my favorite piece,” said Marlane Vousan, who attended the performance with her sister. “It was such a somber number, and lulled us all into a sense of calm serenity. It felt like everything bad that ever happened or could happen had been washed away…or so I thought.”

According to others in attendance, after the third song a group of men at the bar became restless and started to heckle Shanahan.

“A bunch of lewd luddites, the lot of them,” said Guilanne Pierot, a student at the Academy of Alchemists and Alliterators. “Sods started shouting senseless disparagements directed to deflate our delight. Dismay descended promptly thereafter, as the miscreants misjudged Shanahan’s sense of self-esteem.”

Shanahan, an outwardly jovial man by most accounts, is also known for a short temperament when it comes to performing. He also just happens to be a dormant member of the Nor Eastern Subterfuge Society.

“He tried to keep it peaceful, he really did,” Miss Vousan said. “But the more he asked them to quiet down, the more they acted up. He seemed sad. And that made me sad. That’s when the knives came out.”

The bard, having had enough of the drunkard’s disruptive behavior, leapt from the stage, a pair of daggers appearing in his hands almost from nowhere. Onlookers say he didn’t immediately start killing, however.

“I think he just meant to scare them,” said Reynard Houlcombe, the owner of the establishment. “But they weren’t scared. Things…escalated after that. Bastards never stood a chance. It was just a flurry of blades and blood. Now I have five dead bodies on my dance floor. Shanahan grinned the entire time, too. I think he might have enjoyed it.”

Members of Oeil de Fleur’s police department arrived at the scene shortly after. They escorted Shanahan from the premises, but authorities say he was not placed under arrest.

“Shanahan is protected by a complex judiciary code that puts him somewhere between an average citizen and a diplomat,” Inspector Volain Duustois told us. “Put simply, we have no jurisdiction. He has been handed over to Nor Easter’s intelligence service for judgement. I don’t expect much to come of it, however.”

Blackwood Gazette #228- Famous NESS Operative Leaves Five Dead, Four Wounded After Mandolin Performance Goes Awry