Blackwood Gazette #232-Plamondon and Desantana Fleets Converge in the Skies over The Sea of Wrecked Beginnings and Bitter Ends

By Chester Seaton, News

13/4- After months of hostilities brewing between the security forces of the Desantana Territory and the pirate fleets of Seylene Plamondon, the situation reached a head this weekend. One might of have expected an epic battle of apocalyptic proportions, sending flaming wreckage plummeting into the sea below, but the situation ended with an unexpected outcome that many fear could lead to a dire outcome.

Reports say that the convergence of the fleets came about as the result of a challenge from Yolanda Desantana made directly to Seylene Plamondon. A shipping vessel taking a nearby route seems to verify this, saying they saw Desantana’s fleet arrive in the early afternoon.

Plamondon accepted the challenge, and according to the same shipping vessel, which for reasons unknown decided to stick around and monitor the situation, arrived later that day. It was at that point the vessel decided to bug out.

We have no way of knowing what transpired next, as neither Desantana nor Plamondon have issued statements. What we do know is that the flagships of both fleets were both present, and it is highly likely both women were on board. According to analysts in Nor Eastern intelligence, it is believed that Desantana and Plamondon met in parlay, and an agreement was reached.

The result of this agreement was witnessed two days later, as both fleets arrived in the skies above Monteddor City, and we have reports that Plamondon ships have been integrated into Desantana patrols, suggesting some sort of partnership has been established.

Such a partnership has Crowndon military officials up in arms, ever as always these days, it would seem.

The ever vocal Crowndonian Fleet Admiral Henry McTolliver minced no words in reacting to the situation.

“This is pure insanity! First, we give control of a fleet made up of the most advanced ships produced by the Triumvirate to a Monteddorian crime lord, and now we have an alliance between a Monteddorian crime lord’s daughter (who killed her crime lord father and now has an iron grip on almost 90 percent of the Blackwood supply, I might add) and the largest pirate fleet in the known world. I’m starting to think we should just rip up the Triumvirate treaties and call ourselves New Monteddor.”

Blackwood Gazette #232-Plamondon and Desantana Fleets Converge in the Skies over The Sea of Wrecked Beginnings and Bitter Ends

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