Blackwood Gazette #231- More Prisoners Go Missing From Nor Eastern Prisons; Empress Bastian Orders Investigation

By Basilio Mura, Nor Eastern Correspondent

7/4/282- Echoing a similar situation reported on in Crowndon, several prisoners have been reported having gone missing for Nor Eastern prisons. The situation was brought up when the families of the incarcerated began raising questions.

“This has started to become a disturbing trend,” said Doctor Saul Panteri, a professor of criminology and law with the University of Oeil de Fleur who has taken it upon himself to serve as spokesperson to the aggrieved parties. “Most people will overlook the disappearance of these individuals; point of fact, no headway has been made in the case of the missing in Crowndon. Here in Nor Easter, however, such barbaric attitudes will not go unquestioned.”

Professor Panteri took an interest in the case when the cousin of a man he prosecuted a decade ago showed up at his office to accuse him of being involved. Disturbed by the accusation, Panteri began searching for others who found themselves in similar situations.

“I was looking for a trend,” Panteri said. “Not only among the missing in Nor Easter, but in Crowndon, as well. I couldn’t find one. There didn’t seem to be a common pattern: violent criminals, nonviolent criminals, men, women…it didn’t seem to matter.

“And then I looked deeper. Most of those prisoners that have disappeared were convicted of crimes in which individuals in positions of power, who I won’t name, had been somehow affected. Powerful individuals who would be in a position to pull certain strings.”

Panteri met with several of the complainants, and began to organize them. Eventually, he was granted an audience with the Empress of Nor Easter herself.

“I am of the same mind as Professor Panteri,” the Empress told us. “This is indeed a disturbing occurrence, and possibly a poor reflection of our justice system. As such, I have ordered our judiciary to look into the matter.”

The Empress’s words did little to assuage the families of the missing families, however. Dougal Couresan, the husband of one of the prisoners, suspects she may actually be one of the perpetrators.

“The professor tells us those have gone missing did something to piss off the bigs,” Couresan said. “Well, my wife worked in the palace, as a scullery maid. One day a few silver forks and a crystal glass somehow got dropped in my wife’s things. They threw her in the can for thievery! Now she’s gone. All this talk of investigation is just a smokescreen, methinks.”

Blackwood Gazette #231- More Prisoners Go Missing From Nor Eastern Prisons; Empress Bastian Orders Investigation

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