Blackwood Gazette #213- Inmates Go Missing From Three Maximum Security Prisons Across Crowndon

By Chester Seaton, News

3/2/282- The families of twenty inmates incarcerated in three of Crowndon’s most notorious maximum security prisons descended upon the Old Crowndon Court of Justice this week. Their grievance? They wanted to know where their imprisoned loved ones have gone.

According to Hattie Buckflower, the sister of the notorious Toring gang enforcer Howard Buckflower, better known to Crowndonian citizens by the colorful sobriquet of “The Dog Feeder”, told press members outside of the courthouse that correspondence with her brother had ceased last month.

“He wrote me every day,” Ms. Buckflower said. “Never failed. He’d tell tale of sittin in his cell, starin outta the window he’d drawn on the wall, dreamin of the day he could get back out there and feed the dogs. Said he was tryna be real good, like, so they’d let him out early, but they was always badgerin im, makin him do bad things so it would probably never happen. Then one day, nothin. He just stops writin letters and no matter how hard I try I can never get a straight answer from these people bout what happened to im.”

A more disturbing story was told by the mother of Isabelle “Izzy the Dizzy Pryromissy” Dunchart, who claims she received a letter that her daughter was killed after setting herself on fire by accident.

“I know that is a lie,” Mrs. Dunchart said. “My Izzy would never have set herself on fire. She was afraid of fire, you see. And she never would have done it by accident. My little girl never burned anything down she didn’t mean to. She is very careful like that.”

The Gazette’s own investigations turned up little to nothing as to the fate of these missing criminals, as the Wardens of the prisons as well as the District Justices refused to grant interviews on the matter except to say, “It is a truth that the prison environment is a dangerous one. Prisoners die every day. Sometimes they even go missing, only to be discovered years later having died in some foolish escape attempt. There is no story here. Go away.”

The Gazette, rest assured, will not go away. More on this story as it develops.

Blackwood Gazette #213- Inmates Go Missing From Three Maximum Security Prisons Across Crowndon

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