Blackwood Gazette #212- Seylene Plamondon Hits Blackwood Refineries on Monteddor’s Eastern Coast

Chester Seaton, News

1/2/282-With the Triumvirate Authority and Julianos military bodies otherwise occupied with matters of building new fleets and searching for signs of an unseen enemy, the pirates that roam the Imperial Skyways have grown ever bolder.

The raids had been fairly small; a nuisance to be sure, but nothing that the provincial militias of Monteddor haven’t been able to hold off. However, it would seem that the most notorious of these pirates, the self-proclaimed “Pirate Queen” Seylene Plamondon, has joined the fray.

Plamondon, who controls a massive fleet of over one hundred air-ships, reportedly hit five east coastal villages simultaneously this weekend. Two of the attacks are believed to have been diversionary, calling the attention of Salasan Territory militia in the area and dividing the force. The remaining three attacks hit a military armory, a Blackwood distribution center, and a coastal resort famous among Triumvirate socialites.

The fleets bombarded the areas around the towns before landing parties took to shore, rampaging through the streets and stealing everything of value. It is estimated that between all five attacks, nearly 200 were killed, almost a quarter of which were civilians. Property damage is estimated to be within the millions.

The attacks drew harsh words from Salasan Admiral Raul Cinturios: “This never would have happened if the Triumvirate didn’t have their heads up their [expletive removed], digging around for phantoms. And Julianos…he is supposed to be the High Protector of Monteddor, but now he spends all his days [explicit descriptions of various carnal acts with Nor Eastern government officials removed] trying to gain more power than he already has. Just what is he trying to do? Save the whole [expletive removed] world? The Triumvirate doesn’t need him; Monteddor needs him.”

Fleet Admiral Alejandro Julianos has yet to respond to Cinturios’ statement, though a statement released by Governor Salasan would seem to indicate that he, and the rest of the militia, are distancing themselves from Cinturios in preparation for the expected blow back.

Blackwood Gazette #212- Seylene Plamondon Hits Blackwood Refineries on Monteddor’s Eastern Coast

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