Blackwood Gazette #266- Desantana Security Foils Assassination Attempt; Begin Hunt for Suspects

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

12/10/282-Desantana Security officials tell us that they were able to thwart the attempted assassination of an unspecified high ranking member of the Monteddorian military late last week. The attempt was the latest in a long line of similar crimes that have occurred this year.

The operation, a Desantana Security spokesperson told us, was set up solely to draw the assassin out. Specifics as to how the military officer would be a target for the assassin were not divulged, but considering the other targets were all involved in the bombardment of Sanado Flores, it is likely the officer was involved in that ill-fated operation.

The trap was sprung at a speech given by the officer at the opening of a new Desantana blackwood refining facility in Govanna Territory. Security specialists were able to pinpoint the attacker before the kill was made. While the assassin ultimately eluded capture, D.S. personnel was able to engage in a brief fire fight.

The suspect is said to be a Monteddorian woman in her early to mid-twenties, and it is believed that she may be a surviving rebel from the Sanado Flores attack. Interviews conducted around the nearby town show that a woman matching this description was spotted a few days before, procuring supplies. The interviews also revealed she was possibly traveling with another, older woman, likely of Crowndon descent with graying blonde hair.

Several of the people who claim to have seen the pair referred to them as either ‘Moldradus’ (an old Govan word for Shaper) or ‘Ropaos Moldradus’ (Shaper Rogue). The significance of these terms is yet to be determined.

Desantana Security and the Monteddorian military both have increased their presence in the area as well as along the borders of Govanna. They are confident the assassins will be detained or killed soon.

Blackwood Gazette #266- Desantana Security Foils Assassination Attempt; Begin Hunt for Suspects

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