Blackwood Gazette #220- Djidann Expresses Wishes for Military Dominance in Sarnwain; Pharassus Laughs

By Chester Seaton, News

20/2/282-The Sarnwainian territory of Djidann continues to grow ever bolder this week in the wake of their new technological strides. During an address of the nation, King Torifin Djida expressed the belief that Djidann would grow into the dominant military power in the Sarnwainian Empire.

“With our ability to stockpile and refine the deep mineral riches coursing like blood under our land, Djidann has been given the potential for unlimited power and wealth,” King Djida said. “We shall build an industry around our new refining techniques, and foster growth in industries that rely on our fuel. The Djidan military will grow, with engines beating like steel hearts deep within iron clad war machines that will command the respect of all who witness them. The world will tremble before our might, and those who do not bow down will be crushed.”

The Primarch of Pharassus, the ruling nation of the Sarnwainian Empire, issued a statement shortly thereafter.

“Isn’t it adorable?” the Primarch said. “King Djida has a new toy. And like any child with a new toy he believes his new toy is better than all the other children’s toys. And like any child who declares himself the biggest in the schoolyard while having only the potential (very tenuous potential, in this case), he’s only made himself a target. He’s declared himself to be something he isn’t yet. His statement won’t incite fear or respect, but anger and ridicule. I’ll let the child have his moment on top of the hill. But should he grow too impudent I have no doubt that we can knock him down.”

Meanwhile, Triumvirate military leaders are wary.

“Within the borders of the Sarnwainian Empire, Pharassus is the reigning military power and I believe the Primarch when he says he can suppress King Djida,” said Crowndon Lord General Johnathan Gorsky. “What worries me is what happens when the Primarch controls that oil. He isn’t exactly a friend to the Triumvirate.

“The Primarch is shrewd; he wouldn’t attack right away. He’d build up first. Chances are, we wouldn’t even see such an invasion in our lifetimes. But the Primarchs have a practice known as the Last Order: before they die, they issue an order that must be carried out. It doesn’t matter how long ago that order was issued, though they are typically enforced right away. A few, however, can fester for years on the pages of the Pharesian Book of Royal Decrees. And rumor has it, those that do are particularly nasty.”

Blackwood Gazette #220- Djidann Expresses Wishes for Military Dominance in Sarnwain; Pharassus Laughs

Blackwood Gazette #217- Courting Disaster: Yolanda Desantana Seen Meeting with Djidanni Prince

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

12/2/282- You might want to sit down for this one readers. Rumor has it that there’s a new power couple in town, and this time the word ‘power’ isn’t just a metaphor.

According to gossip mongers in the Djidanni capital of Teras Madai, Prince Alarasant Djida was seen personally escorting Blackwood magnate Yolanda Desantana along a private beach earlier this week. As a result, rumors about what the two may have been discussing spread like wildfire.

This wildfire was perhaps fanned by the fact that neither Desantana nor the Djidanni royal family denied the meeting. They did, however, offer a clarification.

“It was completely business related,” a Desantana rep said. “The five Royals of Monteddor have long standing relationships with Djidann, going all the way back to before the founding of the triumvirate. Prince Alarasant extended an invitation to Miss Desantana to share with her the recent developments involving the refining of oil and development of diesel engines.”

Even if what the Desantana rep claims is true, the meeting of the most powerful holder of Blackwood interests meeting with the Prince of the country developing a competing fuel source is cause for…I’m not sure exactly. Excitement? Concern? Whatever the emotion should be, one can rest assured it will have widespread economic ramifications.

Despite the statement of Desantana’s rep and a similar one given by the Djidanni royal family, the imaginations of gossip hounds around the continent have been captured. Prince Alarasant has a reputation for being quite charming, and Desantana isn’t famous for being chaste. Both are known for knowing what they want and how to get it. Whether or not they want each other is anyone’s guess, and lots of people are guessing. One needs just stroll to the nearest peddlers of Penny Dreadfuls to see that the pens of smut writers have been running hot since the rumors first started.

Blackwood Gazette #217- Courting Disaster: Yolanda Desantana Seen Meeting with Djidanni Prince

Blackwood Gazette #8: Tensions Rising Over Sarnwainian Development of Combustion Engines

1/5-The Imperial Blackwood Authority is up in arms today over reports that the Sarnwainian Empire has plans to pursue oil based combustion engines.

“If the Sarnwainians figure out how to build an engine that uses their impressive oil deposits, we’re all screwed,” said Authority head Richard Leavensworth. “Over time they would prove to be cheaper than the cost of harvesting and shipping Blackwood for our current steam-based transportation system. Combine that with the availability of Sarnwainian oil versus the limited resource of the Blackwood Grove…the Triumvirate would fall apart. We’re talking about an almost over night shift in economic power and a complete reconstruction of the way the world works.”

Blackwood magnate Marco de Santana isn’t worried.

“Let the Sarnwainians try their combustion engines,” de Santa said. “We tried it once. It didn’t work. The oil gummed up the works. And before it did, the engines were loud, and the fumes coming off the engine choked the warehouse. The citizenry won’t like it once presented with the setbacks.”

The opinions of the citizenry seem to indicate otherwise, however.

“Something cheaper than Blackwood?” one local, who owns a small independent transport company, said. “Sign me up. Costs me six months salary for a chunk of Blackwood to power my little airbus for nine. Maybe one day we’ll ALL be able to afford one of them autos you see the rich folks driving around. People like De Santana, they’re just worried about their own personal wealth.”

Scientists from around the Triumvirate are the most concerned with this development overall.

“In addition to the geopolitical ramifications everyone is prattling on about are the environmental ones,” said Sir Rigel Rinkenbach, of NorEaster. “I was there when we tried our own oil based engine. I even helped design the damn thing! Now imagine a city full of such engines, making noise and pumping black smoke into the air. Say goodbye to the clear blue of the Imperial Skyways, and the immaculate stone work of Oeil de Fleur. No, we must re double our efforts in re-creating the Blackwood formulae, and we must stop at nothing to prevent the Sarnwainians from succeeding. Stay with Steam! Down with Diesel!”

Blackwood Gazette #8: Tensions Rising Over Sarnwainian Development of Combustion Engines

Blackwood Empire- The R1637 Dragonfly and the Battle of the Divide

DragonflyConceptThe NorEastern Empire spent much of its six year war against Crowndon getting its posterior kicked. Though masters of subterfuge and intelligence gathering, the NorEastern empire had neither the resources nor the military prowess to endure a long standing war, and by the time of the battle of the Divide, they were all but broken.

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Blackwood Empire- The R1637 Dragonfly and the Battle of the Divide