Blackwood Gazette #95- Imperial High Society Gathers for Heisenberg Test Flight

by Chester Seaton, News

7/4- Walsh is abuzz with gossip today as the first high profile passengers for the Heisenberg Test Flight began to arrive this morning. The first to arrive was Delando, who refused to leave his carriage when he discovered that no one else had come.

“This is a disaster,” the reclusive playwright could be heard saying within. “I cannot be seen to be the first! People will think I’m desperate for press! Take the carriage around the city one more time.”

Restrictions on the base where the test flight is taking place prohibited Delando from leaving, however. According to our last reports, he was still in his carriage.

Also arriving was former pin-up Pippi Tralala, who had no such reservations about being the first to be seen, as the emaciated model tumbled from her carriage and raised her arms.

“Oh, the Sun!” she is said to have screamed. Many attribute this sentiment to Tralala’s controversial diet of sunlight and air, which she has reportedly subsisted on for nearly a year, though no one knows how.

Others have continued to trickle in since, bringing with them a menagerie of bodyguards, servants, and personal entertainers, and all of them eager to talk about anything other than the test flight.

The test flight itself, originally scheduled for tonight, has been delayed until the twelfth, due to scheduling conflicts with the test flights most prestigious passenger, the Empress Marcellete Bastian, who refuses to travel on dates with odd numbers.


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Blackwood Gazette #95- Imperial High Society Gathers for Heisenberg Test Flight

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