Blackwood Gazette #96- Mathis Galland’s Racing League Set to Begin

By Huxley Pruitt, Sports

8/4- First announced during seventh month of last year, Pandion Aerodynamics CEO Mathis Galland announced today that his Imperial Air Racing League has come together nicely and is preparing to begin its first season next month.

“We’ve currently signed twenty four racers and their teams,” Galland said in a press release. “They range from professional fighter pilots to up-by-their bootstraps farm boys who’ve been participating in underground racing leagues for a couple of years now. Watching these two groups come together and race each other will be exciting to watch. We’re already starting to see tensions between them; they’re ready to tear each others throats out!”

The league will consist of several event types, including head to head racing, stunt competitions, and group races. Surprisingly enough, it is this last category that has many wondering about the safety of this endeavor.

“The group races sound a bit dangerous,” said a city zoning member in Toring who is helping to negotiate the logistics of the races. “All of these super competitive, ‘Look At Me I’m Invincible’ types, speeding through the air and trying to get the upper hand, sounds like a recipe for a sky full of twisted wreckage to me. I can’t wait to see it!”

Blackwood Gazette #96- Mathis Galland’s Racing League Set to Begin

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