Blackwood Gazette #94- Von Grimm Gang Storms Frontier Fortress

Chester Seaton, News
6/4- Bandit leader Doctor Argyle Von Grimm is back in the news this week as New Crowndon reports that the Mad Mechanist of Moseille has attacked and occupied Fort Winstone.

“We’d hoped to keep a lid on it,” said Colonel Frederick Tanner, of the Second Northern Frontier Regiment. “It is a small Fort, with little value other than the arms stored there. We’d hoped that Von Grimm would break when re-enforcements arrived, and that would be the end of it.”

That is not what has happened, however, according to Field Marshal Ameron Lassiter.

“We sent in Second Cavalry to retake the fort,” Marshal Ameron said. “They have a reputation in the region, and we hoped that would be enough. Unfortunately, Von Grimm has hunkered down and entrenched his forces in the hills around the fort. The terrain makes it very difficult to reach, and there are more of them than we anticipated. Von Grimm is also, how should I put this? ‘Inventive’ in his use of the terrain and the arms he has stolen.”

The initial push to retake the fort resulted in almost a third of the 2nd Cav to be slaughtered. As a result, Marshal Ameron and Colonel Tanner find themselves in a difficult position.

“The fort is of little value anymore,” said the Colonel. “But the deaths of the men who held it and the deaths of the men who have taken it demand satisfaction.”

“We’ve ordered a squadron of Dragonflies from Nor Easter,” Ameron said. “If we can’t take them on the ground, by The Man, we’ll take them from the air, and hopefully put an end to the Von Grimm menace once and for all.”

Blackwood Gazette #94- Von Grimm Gang Storms Frontier Fortress

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