Blackwood Gazette #165- Release of “Desires of Dek Kanar Redak” Stirs Controversy; Delando Claims He Needs More Time, Money

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

24/7- Fans of playwright Delando aren’t happy right now. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being his deception during the Heisenberg affair, which left several people dead in place of high standing members of society. But the most recent thing sending fans to teashops to debate is the manner in which “Desires of Dek Kanar Redak” is being released.

“I waited a year to see this thing,” said one theater goer. “And I had to spend 140 pence total to watch it. That’s half the price of a ticket to the theater. On top of that, he only released half of the play on kinetic viewers! So far I’ve paid twice as much to view half a product, and it wasn’t even that good!”

These sentiments are echoed by Delando fans and critics alike across the Empire this week, with many fretting that the future of drama lies in plays being sliced up into overpriced chunks, forcing viewers to pay for mere fraction of a whole story.

“Their worries are unfounded,” said a spokesperson for Delando. “The format in which ‘Dek Kanar Redak’ is being released is simply a result of currently existing technology, plus the fact that we’re still trying to figure out how this should all work.”

Inciting fans further is the fact that the second half of the play has yet to begin filming.

“It’s a minor thing,” Delando’s spokesperson said. “Shooting for the first half went over schedule and over budget. We miscalculated. We went ahead and released the first half to try and recover some of our expenses, part of which includes renting the theater in which we are shooting.”

The fate of said theater is uncertain, as well. Rumors are swirling that the theater’s owner, Patrice Chadeau, is unhappy with the fact that he has been unable to put on other, more popular plays for over a year and is unwilling to permit Delando’s production to keep using his facility for another year.

“We are currently re-negotiating our contract with Mr. Chadeau,” said Delando’s spokesperson. “Things look promising for the moment, but even if they fall through we have another plan in place. You can look forward to part two hitting KV’s this time next year.”

Or you can go to the nearest live venue and catch a performance of the play, which also opened this week, in its entirety.

Blackwood Gazette #165- Release of “Desires of Dek Kanar Redak” Stirs Controversy; Delando Claims He Needs More Time, Money

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