Blackwood Gazette #166- Small Uprising in Ganborah Suppressed, Strange Weapons Recovered

By Basilio Mura, Nor Easter Correspondent

27/7- The Triumvirate Authorities report today that a small uprising occurred in Ganborah late last week. The uprising, which bears striking resemblances to the rebellion in Thankaen earlier this month, managed to overtake the country’s Parliament building before being cornered by the Royal Army and suppressed.

“From what we’ve been able to gather, the uprising was fueled by anti-monarchy sentiment,” said General Tabat Roushani. “Like the rebellion in Thankaen, it took root amongst the people, fueled by a contingent of rogue military personnel. It is my belief that the methodology and time frame of both attacks should be a cause for concern amongst all the kingdoms of the Sarnwainian Empire.”

While some experts analyzing both situations have suggested the possibility of some outside party stoking unrest against the Sarnwainian monarchies, the majority have ruled that this is no more than paranoia. However, in both circumstances unconfirmed reports have claimed that rebels were supplied with cutting edge rifles capable of rapidly firing rounds in quick succession without the aid of a lever.

Similar weapons were reportedly seen in the possession of Territorial scouting parties along the frontier of the colonies last month, suggesting that this occurrence may not be restricted to Sarwainian interests.

The head of the Triumvirate Authority Military Committee, Authority General Thomas Holcombe, stressed keeping our imaginations in check.

“We have found no evidence that any of these things are linked further than one group saw this happen and decided they wanted to try it themselves. History is full of movements that are spurred on the occurrence of another. As for the appearance of these weapons, these rumors are unsubstantiated. Even if they aren’t, it isn’t as though the concept of semi-automatic repeating firearms is an alien one. We’ve had prototypes for years, and isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that some hungry unknown arms maker in Sarnwain has begun churning them out.”


I’ve been throwing around the names of a lot of new places recently. At a loss for where everything is? Check out this handy dandy map of the world of the Blackwood Empire.

Blackwood Gazette #166- Small Uprising in Ganborah Suppressed, Strange Weapons Recovered

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