Blackwood Gazette #154- Plot To Overthrow Thankai Monarch Thwarted; Three Generals Arrested

By Basilio Mura, Nor Eastern Correspondent

9/7- With most of Thankaen’s airships on the way to assist Pharessian forces in their apprehension of Roderick La Pierre, a secret cabal of Thankai Generals decided it would be a good idea to try and seize power from the country’s millennia old monarchy. The coup didn’t exactly go as planned, however.

“We saw it coming from a mile away,” said loyalist General Daichi Temirak. “Thanks to information we received from an outside source, most likely dissenters within the rebel ranks, the Throne was aware of an impending coup. Our agreement with Pharassus was actually a part of the plan to draw them out.”

As it turns out, only one of the two Thankai airships was actually enlisted to help with La Pierre. The other simply took to ground in the jungles outside of the capital city. A third, heretofore secret and recently built airship patrolled the skies over the Omeddon Ocean.

“When the rebels showed themselves our airships swooped in and we bombed them hell and back,” said General Temirak.

Unconfirmed reports that a large section of the city’s outer quarter (made up mostly of the destitute) have begun making their way across the border between the Sarnwainian Empire and the Triumvirate. Temirak denies these reports, but does confirm that the rebels were hiding in the outer quarters.

After the bombing, three surviving rebel Generals, all of them possessed of outstanding service records including the Venerable Reed of Valor, the highest military honor that can be bestowed upon a living soldier in Thankaen, were captured and taken to an undisclosed location. The Thankaen monarchy refused to comment on what fate awaited the captured men.

Blackwood Gazette #154- Plot To Overthrow Thankai Monarch Thwarted; Three Generals Arrested

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