Blackwood Gazette #155- Julianos’ Forces Level Town of Sanado Flores

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

10/7- The Monteddorian Empire bleeds today, as it has just been confirmed that the small town of Sanado Flores, located on the southern bank of the Teardrop river in the Valley of Wisps, has been completely leveled and its populace almost entirely wiped out.

Details are scarce at the moment, but we have been told by Monteddorian military authorities is that the rebel leader known only as Dougherty had gone to ground in the valley, along with several of her most important officers and a sizable contingent of her force. Upon learning of her whereabouts, Alejandro Julianos ordered his personal fleet to fly directly to the town. It is said that his own personal flag ship, Panther’s Reign, began the bombardment.

The regular Monteddorian military claims they had no knowledge of the engagement, and that Julianos acted of his own volition. Military leaders around the Triumvirate have already condemned the action, and protests have erupted throughout the nations of the Nor Eastern Empire. Ferdand Govanna, the governor of the province in which Sanado Flores was located, has called for martial action against Julianos and his forces.

There has been no word as to the success of the strike, or whether or not Dougherty was killed. Regardless of its outcome, it is apparent that Julianos has earned nothing but ill will, even amongst his own countrymen.

Blackwood Gazette #155- Julianos’ Forces Level Town of Sanado Flores

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