Blackwood Gazette #156- Platitude Escapes in Hellstorm of Dust and Stone

By Chester Seaton, News

13/7- The twists and turns in the La Pierre saga continue, as it appears that the disgraced admiral turned wily pirate has once again eluded capture.

The Pharessian infantry, believing they had the scourge of the Imperial Skyways pinned down in an ancient ruin, began to move in during the early morning hours on Surnsday. Their plan: to bombard the ruin’s main entrance, enclosing the Pernicious Platitude and her crew inside.

The first stage of the plan was a complete success. The Pharessian infantry did indeed bring down the main entrance and hall, cutting off the main point of egress and destroying thousands of years of history in the process.

What they did not account for, however, was La Pierre setting several bundles of dynamite along the interior of the ruin’s main chamber. The explosion brought down the roof of the ruin, which experts are saying amounted to little more than one ton of rock, as the inner chamber extended to within two meters of the surface. Most of this rock was pulverized by the explosion.

As the smoke and dust cleared, the Pharessians below watched as the repaired Platitude rose from within the cliff, her crew mocking them from the deck. The Pharessian General in charge of the operation, General Malik Auduam, ordered his men to quickly reload their cannons, but by the time they were ready to fire, the air ship was out of range and disappearing over the canyon’s ridge.

“You’d think that the Pharessian military would have been informed about that ruin’s particular quirks,” said Crowndon Admiral Winston Johannes. “It’s right here, in this history book I just checked out of the library; ‘Ancient Sarnwainian Engineering and Their Odd Little Foibles’, by Veronica Trenum, Ph.D. A whole book, just about the oddities of Sarnwainian ruins. Perhaps we should lend it to them.”

Blackwood Gazette #156- Platitude Escapes in Hellstorm of Dust and Stone

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