Blackwood Gazette #153- Rinkenbach Still Missing; Shady Characters On His Trail

By Basilio Mura, Nor Easter Correspondent

8/7- Government representatives for a small village at the base of the des Anges Mountains have reported that members of an undisclosed Imperial office visited last weekend, asking after the missing industrialist Sir Rigel Rinkenbach.

The village is the site of a vacation home to the renowned alchemist Ambrose Johns, a friend and confidante of Rinkenbach’s. Johns told the village council that the unidentified men questioned him on the last time he’d seen, spoken, or written to Rinkenbach.

“It seemed like routine questioning, at first,” Johns said. “But there was clearly a dark tone beneath it all, like I was under threat of censure or even violence if I didn’t cooperate. I don’t know what Rigel is involved in, but the whole ordeal left me quite frightened.”

Experts have suggested that the unidentified parties may be members of Nor Easter’s intelligence services, the Subterfuge Society, to which Rigel Rinkenbach has many ties going back to the war between Nor Easter and Crowndon. The Society was said to have been deactivated following the war.

“Nor Easter claims that in times of peace, the Subterfuge Society doesn’t exist,” said a member of Crowndon’s own intelligence service. “And indeed we have found no evidence to doubt such claims (hard as that may be to believe). If such claims are true, and the Society has been reactivated, then it could mean that unforeseen forces are in play. The members of the Triumvirate would be wise to prepare for the worst.”

Since his disappearance last month following an embarrassing press conference, Rinkenbach’s trail has gone cold. The Empire has since seized his business, and the Empress herself has reached out to Triumvirate leaders to help search for the world famous inventor and alchemist.


A conspiracy is afoot!

Blackwood Gazette #153- Rinkenbach Still Missing; Shady Characters On His Trail

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