Blackwood Gazette #36: Bodies Found on Waystation Bravo

by Chester Seaton, News

9/7-The mystery surrounding Waystation Bravo and the disappearance of its denizens deepens today, as new reports indicate that several bodies have been discovered. Authorities say that the dead are the result of gunshots, and the time of death varies over the course of the day before the storm concealing the station disappeared.

“None of the victims have been identified, but we are working under the assumption that none of them were residents of the station when it went missing,” said Captain Lester Krietch, the commanding officer of the team sent to investigate and salvage the station. “The bodies include four men and one woman, whom we believe were on opposite sides of whatever conflict occurred.”

The investigators also revealed that the men were killed by rounds from a revolver, while the woman was killed with a flintlock. While several flintlocks and muskets were found at the scene, no sign of a revolver was found, aside from bullets pulled from the bodies and several casings.

“It is our belief that whoever the deceased woman worked for removed the weapon from the scene, assuming the woman in question possessed a weapon at all,” Krietch explained.

When asked about the rumors of a ship fleeing the scene as rescue ships arrived, the Captain was reserved.

“We are following every lead known to us at this time, including said ship,” said Krietch. “If such a ship does exist, it is imperative that we find it. We are also issuing warrants for personnel known to be aboard ships that disappeared during the initial search. We will be providing news and law enforcement agencies on the main land and in the colonies with details on those persons in the coming days.”

Blackwood Gazette #36: Bodies Found on Waystation Bravo

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