Blackwood Gazette #37- Rinkenbach Offers Bail-out; Klankenvroot Refuses

Hunter O’Leary, Business

10/7- The Rinkenbach/Klankenvroot rivalry took a bizarre twist yesterday. In response to news that Klankenvroot Industries was having a difficult time paying its employees, which have gone on strike, it seems that none other than Rigel Rinkenbach reached out to Klankenvroot with a proposal to help supplement the payroll, so that salaries could be met. Klankenvroot promptly refused.

“This isn’t charity,” said a spokesperson for Klankenvroot. “There is no altruistic motive here on the part of Rinkenbach. This was meant as an insult, pure and simple. I wouldn’t be surprised if, had we reached out to take the extended hand, Rinkenbach would have pulled it back at the last second.”

We asked Rinkenbach himself for comment.

“There’s some truth to that, yes,” he said. “It was such an open opportunity to give my rival a friendly ribbing, I couldn’t help but take it. It isn’t the complete truth, of course. I really do want Ivan to stay in the race…it isn’t often someone gets it into their head to challenge me. I was quite enjoying myself before this happened. With his production at a stand-still, I’ve become bored. Also, employee well being and all that, of course.”

As for the workers, they were understandably livid when they learned of Klankenvroot’s refusal to accept help.

“The damn fool is letting his pride get in the way of what needs to be done,” said Upton Monroe, the workers’ unofficial spokesperson. “We want to get this plane built, but we’re not going to do it for nothing. Klankenvroot could have turned this to his advantage; take Rinkenbach’s damn money, and beat him with it. But the man is too short sighted. Several of the workers are thinking of leaving Crowndon now, to work for Rinkenbach. I don’t condone that personally, but once the idea gets in people’s heads, a lot more are going to leave.”

Blackwood Gazette #37- Rinkenbach Offers Bail-out; Klankenvroot Refuses

One thought on “Blackwood Gazette #37- Rinkenbach Offers Bail-out; Klankenvroot Refuses

  1. HA! I like this guy. Arrogance is one of those things that can really annoy me, and the way I deal with things that bother me (well, aside from brooding or having angry fits) is to laugh at them. So unless it’s REALLY unbearable, arrogance actually amuses me. The idea that a rich businessman would offer a bail-out to his rival because he’s bored makes me laugh XD

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