Design of the Graphic Nature

Boy on a Turtle

I’ve been experimenting with typography lately. Back in school for part of my degree I had to take a class on typography and I hated it. The class wasn’t exciting and the teacher must’ve been born without a personality. She was quite the poor and unfortunate soul.

I’m pretty new into this but I think did pretty well here. Anywho, I made these:

The first one is from the movie-film “Skyfall.” In it, M recites this selection from Tennyson all cool-like and junk. 





The next one is yet another poem. This one, popularized by V for Vendetta. 


Do you like? 😀 Do you hate? 😦 

Let me know! Any tips or constructive criticism is welcome. 

Until next time! 

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Design of the Graphic Nature

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