Blackwood Gazette #40: New Details Emerge on Waystation Bravo Incident

by Chester Seaton, News

16/7-A more complete picture of what happened on Waystation Bravo is taking shape as new information is provided by salvage teams and authorities investigating the deaths of several people found aboard the station.

The salvage team reports that they have discovered a strange device of unknown origin built directly onto the station’s main boiler system. They claim the device is unlike any known manufactured machine typically found on the Waystation platforms, and the device’s function remains a mystery.

“It is heavily damaged,” said the lead investigator. “Probably due to some sort of explosion, so it isn’t as though we can just flip it on and see what it does. Even if it wasn’t damaged, simply flipping it on would be an extremely foolish thing to do.”

As for the bodies, authorities on Waystation Echo report that the body of the woman discovered matches the description of an individual spotted in the company of another woman involved in an altercation at the station’s saloon. This woman, described as being over six feet tall, having long black hair, dressed in a trail coat and armed to the teeth, has provided investigators with a new lead. What’s more, patrons of the bar say the woman introduced herself as ‘Arufina’ to the saloon’s bouncer, a Rommsbachian man named Klaus Klaudhopper. As we reported earlier, both were involved in early search efforts for the station, and were believed to have gone missing. Both are said to have been carrying revolvers.

Friends of Klaudhopper say that the man was planning on making his way to the colonies. Triumvirate Authorities have issued a warrant on both Klaudhopper and the woman known as ‘Arufina’, as well as three other unidentified women seen in her company and dressed in similar attire, and are focusing their search on the colonial ports in New Crowndon.

Blackwood Gazette #40: New Details Emerge on Waystation Bravo Incident

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