Blackwood Gazette #41: Crowndon Military Issues Ultimatum to Klankenvroot Workers

by Hunter O’Leary, Business

17/7-The saga of Klankenvroot Industries’ workers strike has taken a disturbing turn, as Crowndon has threatened to send troops in if the strike isn’t resolved.

“This isn’t just about workers rights,” said one Crowndon official. “This is now a matter of National Decorum. It is imperative that Crowndon gets the Heisenberg in the air before Rigel Rinkenbach. Rinkenbach and Nor Easter already embarrassed us once during the war…we must not allow that to happen again. We do not make this proclamation easily, but if Rinkenbach wins this challenge, it will cause irreparable damage to our Imperial standing. Which is why, if those workers on strike do not return to their positions on the line, they, their immediate families, and any pets will be charged with treason and punished accordingly.”

Upon making the declaration, many of the Klankenvroot workers broke their protest and returned to the factory floor. However, a small number of protestors remain, led by organizer Upton Monroe.

“We will not lay down in the face of government oppression,” Monroe said. “To do so would send the message that the people can be bullied into submission. It would be the first step back to a time of draconian rule, when the Crown ruled with an iron fist. If they want to turn this into a matter of national interest, they’re going to get more than they bargained for.”

The general opinion amongst those on strike was that the Crown is simply posturing. However, shortly before this printing, the Gazette has received reports that troops are mobilizing from the nearby garrison. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Blackwood Gazette #41: Crowndon Military Issues Ultimatum to Klankenvroot Workers

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