Blackwood Gazette #263-Crowndon Oligarchs Order Klankenvroot Factory Demolished, Former Workers Dispersed

By Chester Seaton, News

4/10/282- In recent months, debates have heated up concerning what should be done with the Klankenvroot Industries factory. We have been told that recently, high ranking members of the capital city’s Oligarchs have formed a council to discuss the fate of the grounds, which have fallen into disrepair, and the growing population of homeless workers that live in its shadow.

The meeting comes after added pressure from the Lakeview District after a sharp rise in reports of crime and vagrancy in the boroughs surrounding the factory. Residents have reported that their rubbish bins have been looted nightly, and several business owners have claimed their storefronts were vandalized after running off vagrants in the night. According to several of these citizens, these transgressions have been going on for months with nary a response from the city government.

The tipping point that may have finally put the factory and its populace (colloquially known as the ‘Gutter Rats’) under the spotlight is a recent audit of the factory which turned up that several pieces of equipment of high value and interest to the Crown went missing last month. These pieces recently appeared in a black market auction.

When might a solution to this problem be reached? According to our correspondents in the local government, official deliberations only took one day, as the city elite voted for the immediate dispersal of the workers living on the factory ground and the demolition of the building, after any remaining assets of value inside are relocated. We are told that an alternate solution to turn the refinery into housing for the city’s impoverished was denied before it could even be presented, with the Oligarchs claiming the cost of maintaining the building and feeding the population to be unsustainable. They cited La Pierre’s disastrous Tuna Heist, the harsh winter two years prior, and the need for more martial power in the wake of the Summit Attacks as reasons for this ruling.

Blackwood Gazette #263-Crowndon Oligarchs Order Klankenvroot Factory Demolished, Former Workers Dispersed

Blackwood Gazette #1&2: “Fires of D’Kalm D’Korr Opens” & “Klankenvroot Announces New Commercial Aircraft”

It occurred to me  while trying to link the most recent Gazette to a related installment that, absent minded as I am, I never posted the first two installments of “Blackwood Gazette” on this blog, due to the fact that this was originally a misguided foray onto Tumblr.  So, bonus post; the first two installments of “Blackwood Gazette” (do try to contain yourselves…I know this is very exciting stuff):

Blackwood Gazette #1
Curtains Up: Fantasy Epic ‘Fires of D’Kalm D’korr’ Opens in Oeil de Fleur

8/4/280 YT-The theatre going citizenry of Oeil de Fleur turned out in droves last night for the opening of renowned playwright Delando’s newest opus, ‘Fires of D’Kalm D’Korr’. Among those in attendance were some of the Empire’s greatest celebrities, including none other than NorEaster’s greatest hero and favored son, Rigel Rinkenbach.

“The premise sounds like complete rubbish, I must say,” Rinkenbach said. “But I’m a sucker for any piece of art with a name I can’t pronounce, and besides, I’ve nothing to do this night anyway. Also, they [offered me a] free case of Romillion’s Absinthe to be here.”

Others have been waiting outside the Oeil de Fleur Empress Theatre for months, debating the deep lore of the series, and speculating on what might happen in this newest installment.

“It’s a prequel,” one fan said. “It’s going to fill in some important gaps, I hope.”

“I’ve been imagining this story for years!” Another said. “But I’m sure it will exceed my expectations.”

Others were in attendance purely for the spectacle. The play features extensive special effects that required new technology to achieve.

“We’ve built something called a ‘flare gun’,” Reginald le Plante, special effects coordinator for the show, said. “It’s a crucial part of the climax, where our hero grows in size and lays waste to the enemy armies. The audience is in for a real treat!”

Rumors about the safety of this technology have been swirling for months. When asked if there was any validity to the rumor that the actor playing the wizard had been replaced three times due to burns, le Plante refused to comment. As usual, director and writer Delando could not be reached for comment.

In any case, the first performance last night went without a hitch, though audience members leaving the theatre did report the smell of sulfur hanging in the air, and of burning eyes.

“It was like I was really there!” one enthusiastic fan said.


Blackwood Gazette #2-Klankenvroot Industries Reveals Plans for Commercial Planar Wing Transport

10/4/280 YT-Since the end of the Crowndon-Nor Eastern war, wealthy industrialists have been searching for a way to make Planar Wing Aircraft, or P.W.A.s for short, a viable source of income. So far, all of these endeavors have ended in tragedy.

“The weight a commerical aeroplane[sic] would likely need to carry, versus the weight of the constructed materials and Blackwood needed to keep the craft aloft, don’t equalize into a workable solution,” said Samson Davies, a well known detractor when it comes to commercial P.W.A.s. “They always end up tearing themselves apart upon take off or landing or whenever they hit turbulence. The cost of life so far has been unacceptable!”

Industrialist Ivan Klankenvroot responded quickly to Davies.

“Nonsense! We’re charting the course of human civilization, here, plotting our progress for the next one hundred years! No human cost now is too high compared to the benefits future generations will enjoy.”

When asked if he would be aboard the maiden flight of his commercial P.W.A., slated to be called the Heisenberg, Klankenvroot chuckled.

“Of course not,” he said. “I’m much too humble for that. That honor lies on the heads of the engineers and the workers putting the thing together. They should enjoy the fruits of their labor, after all.”

Blackwood Gazette #1&2: “Fires of D’Kalm D’Korr Opens” & “Klankenvroot Announces New Commercial Aircraft”

Blackwood Gazette #41: Crowndon Military Issues Ultimatum to Klankenvroot Workers

by Hunter O’Leary, Business

17/7-The saga of Klankenvroot Industries’ workers strike has taken a disturbing turn, as Crowndon has threatened to send troops in if the strike isn’t resolved.

“This isn’t just about workers rights,” said one Crowndon official. “This is now a matter of National Decorum. It is imperative that Crowndon gets the Heisenberg in the air before Rigel Rinkenbach. Rinkenbach and Nor Easter already embarrassed us once during the war…we must not allow that to happen again. We do not make this proclamation easily, but if Rinkenbach wins this challenge, it will cause irreparable damage to our Imperial standing. Which is why, if those workers on strike do not return to their positions on the line, they, their immediate families, and any pets will be charged with treason and punished accordingly.”

Upon making the declaration, many of the Klankenvroot workers broke their protest and returned to the factory floor. However, a small number of protestors remain, led by organizer Upton Monroe.

“We will not lay down in the face of government oppression,” Monroe said. “To do so would send the message that the people can be bullied into submission. It would be the first step back to a time of draconian rule, when the Crown ruled with an iron fist. If they want to turn this into a matter of national interest, they’re going to get more than they bargained for.”

The general opinion amongst those on strike was that the Crown is simply posturing. However, shortly before this printing, the Gazette has received reports that troops are mobilizing from the nearby garrison. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Blackwood Gazette #41: Crowndon Military Issues Ultimatum to Klankenvroot Workers