Blackwood Gazette #263-Crowndon Oligarchs Order Klankenvroot Factory Demolished, Former Workers Dispersed

By Chester Seaton, News

4/10/282- In recent months, debates have heated up concerning what should be done with the Klankenvroot Industries factory. We have been told that recently, high ranking members of the capital city’s Oligarchs have formed a council to discuss the fate of the grounds, which have fallen into disrepair, and the growing population of homeless workers that live in its shadow.

The meeting comes after added pressure from the Lakeview District after a sharp rise in reports of crime and vagrancy in the boroughs surrounding the factory. Residents have reported that their rubbish bins have been looted nightly, and several business owners have claimed their storefronts were vandalized after running off vagrants in the night. According to several of these citizens, these transgressions have been going on for months with nary a response from the city government.

The tipping point that may have finally put the factory and its populace (colloquially known as the ‘Gutter Rats’) under the spotlight is a recent audit of the factory which turned up that several pieces of equipment of high value and interest to the Crown went missing last month. These pieces recently appeared in a black market auction.

When might a solution to this problem be reached? According to our correspondents in the local government, official deliberations only took one day, as the city elite voted for the immediate dispersal of the workers living on the factory ground and the demolition of the building, after any remaining assets of value inside are relocated. We are told that an alternate solution to turn the refinery into housing for the city’s impoverished was denied before it could even be presented, with the Oligarchs claiming the cost of maintaining the building and feeding the population to be unsustainable. They cited La Pierre’s disastrous Tuna Heist, the harsh winter two years prior, and the need for more martial power in the wake of the Summit Attacks as reasons for this ruling.

Blackwood Gazette #263-Crowndon Oligarchs Order Klankenvroot Factory Demolished, Former Workers Dispersed

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