Blackwood Gazette #264- Is the Triumvirate Authority Stonewalling Manhunt for Lord Despartes?

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern EIC

5/10/282-A joint task group of Nor Eastern and Triumvirate Authority Officials have spent the last week combing the Nor Eastern country side for Lord Rodahn Despartes of Amaranth. As yet, their search has proved fruitless.

“Given the boy’s propensity for hellraising, we’d hoped to hear reports of his passing,” said Captain Reginald Desmanse, speaking for the TA. “So far, we have heard no such reports. Either the kid has learned the value of keeping a low profile, or he’s been spirited away to parts unknown by people unknown. There’s also the possibility that he is lying dead in a ditch somewhere.”

An anonymous source in the Nor Eastern force taking part in the search paints a less dismissive picture as to Despartes’ fate, however, going so far as to suggest that the Authority is doing everything that it can to close the case and move on a quickly as possible.

“What the TA Captain says isn’t the full picture,” the source told us. “I’m not supposed to talk about it, but we received word of a ruckus at an inn along the river. When we arrived, the TA was already there. They said they’d already investigated the place, and there was no substance to the rumours. But the whole situation seemed off. It just felt too quiet for a bordello on the weekend, and when we tried asking questions, the establishment’s employees acted as though they were frightened.”

The source went on to tell us that other platoons have been stonewalled by TA officials as well, all in locations positioned by the river. Captain Desmanse called the accusations ridiculous.

“We’re talking about the son of an Amaranth noble, and a fugitive wanted by the Empress of Nor Easter,” he said. “It wouldn’t be worth the trouble the TA would be in to hinder the investigation. In any case, we don’t plan on calling off the search yet. We’ve expanded our efforts to the Sea of Wrecked Beginnings and Bitter Ends, and we’re dragging the bottom of the river. If there’s something to be found, we’ll find it, even if its nothing more than the little Lordling’s fish-bitten corpse.”

A lovely picture, to be sure. The Empire of Nor Easter and Duchess Amelie alike are no doubt put at ease to know that a man unfettered by such nonsense as diplomacy and sensitivity is on the case and we are confident in your utmost commitment to this endeavour, Captain Desmanse.

Blackwood Gazette #264- Is the Triumvirate Authority Stonewalling Manhunt for Lord Despartes?

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