Blackwood Gazette #33: Mysterious Storm Dissipates; Waystation Bravo Found Intact, Abandoned

by Chester Seaton, News

3/7- Scientists are baffled today as the mysterious storm that has been raging in the Barrier Ocean for the last two weeks broke apart late yesterday afternoon, disappearing almost as quickly as it began. At its center: the missing Waystation Bravo, floating calmly on the water.

Early reports say the the station is largely intact, however the machinery that would normally keep the station airborne is flooded and will need a complete replacement. It is also reported that none of the Waystation’s population is present.

Searchers who found the station say they saw a single ship leaving the site, which matched the description of one of the missing rescue ships. The ship disappeared when authorities began pursuit, and has not been found.

“We are still at a complete loss as to what caused any of this,” said meteorologist Humphrey Bretodeau. “Hopefully, further investigation by my team will paint a more complete picture of events once we arrive on the station.”

Triumvirate Authorities are unsure what the future has for the station.

“It doesn’t appear to have any major damage,” said one official. “What damage there is can be repaired within a few months. The real question is, will anyone want to live on it? These nomadic types that live aboard the stations are a superstitious lot, after all, and we’re already hearing murmurs of hauntings and curses and whatnot.  It might be best to just build a new station altogether.”

Blackwood Gazette #33: Mysterious Storm Dissipates; Waystation Bravo Found Intact, Abandoned

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