Blackwood Gazette #34: Interview w/ Doctor Veronica Trenum

by Adella Chatelaine, Investigative Reports

7/7-While visiting the Waystation network late last week to cover the aftermath of the Station Bravo incident, I had an opportunity to meet with Doctor Veronica Trenum, who is currently on her way to the colonies to investigate an important new archeological sight in Lelina. She graciously agreed to sit down for a short Q&A.

Chatelaine: Doctor Trenum, allow me to start by saying that I am a devout follower of your work.

Trenum: Thank you. I’ve read your work, and follow it as well. You deserved that Bulloch award, if you ask me.

Chatelaine: Well, winning it was enough, even if they took it away in the end. Bastards. Anyway, the ruins in Lelina. What are you hoping to find there?

Trenum: The ruins in Lelina offer a unique opportunity to shed light on the culture of the prehistoric indigenous people in the region. We have very little to go on as, unfortunately, the entire southern third of the continent is bereft of human life.

C: Is that something you are hoping to shed some light on?

T: Most definitely. We have evidence that people once inhabited the entirety of the Newlands, but the most recent example of these southern cultures dates back to around 5000 years ago. Equally mysterious is the fact that the northern cultures haven’t migrated and populated the region in that time. We’ve tried asking, but Crowndon’s near genocide while colonizing the region has left the northern cultures understandably close lipped about such things; not that they were very forthcoming about such things beforehand.

C: 5000 years…that’s around the time of the Alchemical Rift isn’t it?

T: Precisely. To date, we haven’t found any evidence suggesting the Rift (which itself is still largely theoretical) and the disappearance of half a continent’s worth of civilization on the other side of the planet are connected. Such theories have even led to good scientists being ostracized. Even I am hesitant to speak of a possible connection, but the descriptions of the Lelina site are once again raising the question.

C: Why is that?

T: If the reports are to be believed, the site resembles similar ruins found in Sarnwain (which I’ve studied), and in Monteddor, near the Blackwood Grove.

C: Interesting. I can’t remember ever having read about these sites.

T: You wouldn’t have. The information hasn’t been released to the public yet.

At this point, doctor Trenum stops the interview, unwilling to divulge anymore. She suggests I give my notes to a man she knows and trusts that works the Waystation skydock. She then offers me the opportunity of a lifetime: to travel with her to Lelina and chronicle her findings there.

I have accepted the offer, and hope that Mr. Merchant, the owner of the Gazette, will retain me as a correspondent despite the lack of prior approval. If not, then too bad. I’m going anyway.

Editor’s Note: Upon receiving the news of Miss Chatelaine’s decision to travel with Doctor Trenum, I composed the following reply: Are you kidding me? I’ve known reporters who would literally kill for an exclusive scoop like this. I would have fired you if you DIDN’T take it. Excellent work!

Blackwood Gazette #34: Interview w/ Doctor Veronica Trenum

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