Blackwood Gazette #269- Inspector Pavetta Janvier Comes to Ilya to Assist in Serial Murder Investigation

By Chester Seaton, News

20/10/282-At a loss as to how to deal with the recent spate of horrific murders in Ilya, the small mountain city has called in outside help to hopefully resolve the situation.

“We’re a relatively new community,” said Tristan Robeau, Chief Inspector of the Ilya city watch in charge of the case. “We’ve only just recently been described as a city. We’ve never had to deal with anything like this before, and I’m ashamed to say we’re at a bit of a loss.”

In order to help bring the killer to justice, Robeau has requested help from the capital city of Yves. That help has come in the form of Inspector Pavetta Janvier.

Inspector Janvier is no stranger to cases both large and small, routine and strange. She recently made waves during her work on the Pillar Assassinations, helping to locate and apprehend the assassin Arufina Villanova, despite having been put on suspension.

“These ghastly crimes are an affront to humanity, and must be stopped,” Inspector Janvier said. “I’m more than happy to lend my aid to the people of Ilya, and bring a swift end to these murders by any means necessary.”

Chief Inspector Robeau told us that Inspector Janvier hit the ground running, requesting to immediately be taken to each crime scene.

“She took charge so swiftly and surely that I was a bit intimidated by her,” the Chief Inspector said. “My peers expressed quite pointed disapproval at her arrival. She was very blunt in her opinion on the methodology of our investigation thus far. However, critical as she is she is also constructive. I assigned my best investigators to her team, not only to assist but receive tutelage. Inspector Janvier will prove to be a great asset, of that I have no doubt.”

Since her arrival, the case has made some head way. Details are being held in secret, however, until the case is solved.

Blackwood Gazette #269- Inspector Pavetta Janvier Comes to Ilya to Assist in Serial Murder Investigation

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