Blackwood Gazette #269- Inspector Pavetta Janvier Comes to Ilya to Assist in Serial Murder Investigation

By Chester Seaton, News

20/10/282-At a loss as to how to deal with the recent spate of horrific murders in Ilya, the small mountain city has called in outside help to hopefully resolve the situation.

“We’re a relatively new community,” said Tristan Robeau, Chief Inspector of the Ilya city watch in charge of the case. “We’ve only just recently been described as a city. We’ve never had to deal with anything like this before, and I’m ashamed to say we’re at a bit of a loss.”

In order to help bring the killer to justice, Robeau has requested help from the capital city of Yves. That help has come in the form of Inspector Pavetta Janvier.

Inspector Janvier is no stranger to cases both large and small, routine and strange. She recently made waves during her work on the Pillar Assassinations, helping to locate and apprehend the assassin Arufina Villanova, despite having been put on suspension.

“These ghastly crimes are an affront to humanity, and must be stopped,” Inspector Janvier said. “I’m more than happy to lend my aid to the people of Ilya, and bring a swift end to these murders by any means necessary.”

Chief Inspector Robeau told us that Inspector Janvier hit the ground running, requesting to immediately be taken to each crime scene.

“She took charge so swiftly and surely that I was a bit intimidated by her,” the Chief Inspector said. “My peers expressed quite pointed disapproval at her arrival. She was very blunt in her opinion on the methodology of our investigation thus far. However, critical as she is she is also constructive. I assigned my best investigators to her team, not only to assist but receive tutelage. Inspector Janvier will prove to be a great asset, of that I have no doubt.”

Since her arrival, the case has made some head way. Details are being held in secret, however, until the case is solved.

Blackwood Gazette #269- Inspector Pavetta Janvier Comes to Ilya to Assist in Serial Murder Investigation

Blackwood Gazette #267- Eyewitness Accounts of South Ward Slayings Paint Horrifying Portrait of Perpetrator

By Chester Seaton, News

13/10/282-Authorities in Ilya have a new lead in the case of a string of horrific killings, as eye witnesses to some of the murders have come forward. The accounts provide a description of the culprit, and the description is chilling.

“I was on the way home after my shift when I heard sounds coming from around the side of a shop,” said Madelain Rossey, a clerk at a nearby dock house along the river. “Sounds like wet meat and knives, like at the butcher shop. This was before the news of the killing broke, so I went to take a peek, and I saw it. A dark figure, crouched over a body, tearing at it and throwing bits of it around. I briefly made out the silhouette of its hand. Whatever or whoever it was had three blades, dripping with…oh I can’t, I just finally started to get the image out of my head. I gasped, tried to hold it in, but it heard me. It stood up, long and tall, taller than any man I’ve ever met. It started to turn and I pulled back behind the wall before it could see me. I caught the briefest glance of yellow eyes as it turned. I stood with my back to the wall, my hands clamped over my mouth, not breathing for what felt like forever. Then I heard a sound like a rusty hinge, moving away. I peeked back and it was gone.”

The inspectors that Miss Rossey originally told her story to very nearly wrote off her account as either a flight of fancy or grab for attention, until a man who only called himself Norman walked in a day later and told his account.

“I was sitting on the board walk, down by the river,” Norman said. “I was just getting ready to open my evening bottle of whiskey when I heard something underneath the walk, something like a squeaky wheel. I leaned forward, looking down through the cracks, saw two glowing yellow eyes staring up at me. If I didn’t soil myself then, I did when the thing reached up and punched a hole through the boards right next to my head. Damn thing had claws long as my forearm, I swear to it! I screamed and rolled to my feet. I never ran so fast in my life. I could hear it behind me, that awful metal on metal sound getting closer. I squeezed into a gap between two steel doors on a nearby dry dock. The thing reached in and grabbed me by the coat, pulled me back. Cut me up something fierce. And I felt heat on the back of my neck, sharp and wet. Ever get a burn from steam? It was like that. Anyway, when the thing decided it couldn’t get in it went away. I looked out the door just in time to see it leap onto a roof. Had to be three meters, easy.”

Inspectors say that Norman did indeed have a burn consistent with those found on the victims, and that they found a hastily patched hole in the board walk where Norman says he was attacked. Still, the otherworldly nature of the attacker in both stories has police skeptical.

“There must be some reasonable explanation,” said Chief Inspector Tristan Robeau. “I’m not putting out a bulletin for a two and a half meter tall tin-man with glowing eyes. A leg brace might account for the squeaky sound described, and the ‘yellow eyes’ must be some sort of lantern. As for its purported ability to jump over buildings, we chalk that up to a drunken, fear addled mind. In any case, we have a starting point. We will release an official wanted bulletin in the days to come.”

Blackwood Gazette #267- Eyewitness Accounts of South Ward Slayings Paint Horrifying Portrait of Perpetrator

Blackwood Gazette #265- Murder and Mayhem Grip Small Mountain City in Yves

By Chester Seaton, News

11/10/282- Police in the growing city of Ilya in the province of Yves released a statement today concerning a rash of brutal murders in the city’s South Ward that have shaken the community to its core over the last couple of weeks.

“The first incident was reported at the end of last month,” said Chief Inspector Tristan Robeau. “Details of the murder were kept a secret from the public, being deemed too grisly for civilized consumption. Then another body showed up, and another, and another. Releasing the details is now a matter of public safety.”

The bodies are said to have been discovered in isolated, out of the way places, such as warehouses, empty lots, and alleys in the city’s South Ward, along the river front.

“The bodies are mutilated,” Inspector Robeau said. “I wish there were a more diplomatic way of saying it, but they were torn to shreds. Our initial thought was some sort of animal, perhaps a mountain lion from the nearby des Anges range (which isn’t unheard of, though the creatures are usually shot or run off before they can do anything) but the wounds are too clean for tooth and claw and there is no sign of mastication on the victims.”

In short, none of the victims were eaten. Thank heavens for small favors.

“Besides the grotesque manner in which the victims died, only one other detail links them; small burns with no rhyme or reason on the bodies. We’ve no idea how the burns are caused or what the purpose may be, but we’ve ruled out fire or chemicals. It seems completely random.”

Inspectors say that they are devoting the majority of their man power and resources to the investigation, and doubling patrols in areas where they believe the murderer may strike next. A small comfort, to be sure, for the citizens of Ilya.

Blackwood Gazette #265- Murder and Mayhem Grip Small Mountain City in Yves