Blackwood Gazette #270-Opening Statements Heard in Gazette Sedition Trial

By Chester Seaton, News

26/10/282- Former journalists for this publication had their first day in court today. Maurice Merchant, former Editor in Chief, owner and proprietor, and son of Tobias Merchant, who founded the Gazette, and Ada Herschel, former science and technology writer, stand accused of sedition and sewing unrest against the Oligarchy of the Crowndon Empire.

The prosecution opened with a blistering presentation of its goals, to provide several pieces of evidence suggesting Mister Merchant and Miss Herschel worked hand in hand to present certain government actions in a negative light, with the ultimate goal of toppling the Oligarchy and reinstating the constitutional monarchy which fell out of favor following the discovery of the Blackwood grove nearly 3 centuries ago. The prosecution promises to show evidence of Miss Herschel’s ties to Nor Easter, and Mister Merchant’s ties to the former royal family.

The defense countered by denying any and all accusations, stating that any seditious statements made were in fact nothing more than innocent remarks of dissatisfaction on the parts of Mister Merchant and Miss Herschel, and that any purported rumors of a government overthrow or foreign meddling in Crowndon affairs are preposterous.

“A guilty verdict in this trial will do more to sew unrest than any expression of exasperation at Crowndon’s desperate grasping for military relevance ever could,” the defense claimed. The accused made no statements.

The trial will reconvene in one week’s time, to present evidence and hear testimony. The prosecution intends to pursue the highest sentencing possible, being either death or exile.

Blackwood Gazette #270-Opening Statements Heard in Gazette Sedition Trial

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