Blackwood Gazette #268- Demolition of Klankenvroot Factory Halted by Community of Former Workers

By Chester Seaton, News

19/10/282- This weekend, contractors tasked by Crowndon to demolish the old Klankenvroot factory moved in with sole intention of doing just that. With them marched a veritable army of the capital city’s finest, tasked with providing security. If one lived on Harker’s Lane and looked out their window, they could almost be forgiven for thinking Crowndon was once again marching to war.

And a war is almost exactly what happened. As the convoy of trucks and wreckers arrived on the factory grounds, they were greeted with a line of men, women and children who had chained themselves to the property’s inner fence line. Even more stood along the roof of the main factory building. Some reports claim these held fire bottles at the ready.

The contractors stopped their advance and sent a foreman out to negotiate. Eye witnesses say that a brief exchange occurred and the foreman came back. At this point the city watch took over, and marched on the fence line. It is said they proceeded to beat those chained to the fence, demanding them to turn over the keys to their locks. No key was provided.

The foreman is said to have then ordered the wreckers forward, regardless of the human lives before them, but was stopped by the captain of the watch. A crowd of citizens had gathered, watching the exchange. They had seen the watch beating the people on the fence, and begun protesting.

As the situation now stands, the city’s wreckers stand idle around the factory grounds. The factory dwellers send people out to provide daily aid and succor to those on the fence, while the city desperately searches for a way to gain audience with whomever has organized the former Klankenvroot workers.

The factory was slated to fall on the 15th. As of the 19th, it remains standing.

Blackwood Gazette #268- Demolition of Klankenvroot Factory Halted by Community of Former Workers

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