Blackwood Gazette #131: Public Memorial For Actor Hostander Alleroy Turns into “A Chaotic Maelstrom of Heated Emotions…”

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

29/5- A memorial for the late Hostander Alleroy, one of the most beloved stage actors of our time, descended into anarchy last night.

Everything started off as one would expect, with Francois Lupeau, head of the Oeil de Fleur Association of Theatrical Arts, took to the stage for a look back over Alleroy’s career. This was followed by the customary moment of silence. Lupeau then opened the stage for anyone who wanted speak of their time with Alleroy and what his work meant to them.
Poet Theodor Vorschevsky was the first to stand up, and regaled the audience with a remembrance of Alleroy through verse and music. It was rough in its execution, but touching in its sincerity. Things went downhill after that.

Actress Valencia Dupon followed. She spoke of her ill-fated romance with Alleroy in a monologue that went on for thirty minutes. The speech was broken into little vignettes, which she acted out. For the most part, those gathered in attendance listened with strained patience, often sighing or rolling their eyes. When she recounted the incident that ended their affair, the discovery of Alleroy’s relationship with actor Donolan Shea, she failed to take into account that Shea was in the audience. Shea, taking offense at Dupon’s interpretation of events, stormed the stage and confronted her verbally. Dupon lashed out at him, and before things could take a more violent turn, they were removed from the premises.

The most heinous act of disrespect, however, came in the form of actor Roman Karvander. Karvander recalled Alleroy as a deceitful man who once undercut him for the role of Lollis Bamberby Happenstance in Papeau’s masterpiece “Two Bits for the Plaguebearer”, a role that earned Alleroy his earliest acclaim. The accusations Karvander leveled at the deceased were the final straw, and sent Alleroy’s friends and loved ones into a frenzy. Unfortunately, Alleroy’s enemies were almost equal in number, and a ruckus broke out.

Fighting spilled into the streets. Horse carts were over turned and several businesses had boards over broken windows come this morning. Famed soprano Alicia Sols was seen in the middle of the street, rending her clothes and wailing Brahmmer’s “Winter’s Dirge” at the sky. Authorities were called in to restore the peace.

“The entire event was insane,” Alleroy’s son, Alexander, told me. “A chaotic maelstrom of heated emotions, grief and hate and love all coming together. Were he alive and in attendance, I’m sure Pops would have loved it.”

Blackwood Gazette #131: Public Memorial For Actor Hostander Alleroy Turns into “A Chaotic Maelstrom of Heated Emotions…”

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