Blackwood Gazette #132: Rogue Colonial Officers Will Lead to “Renewed Hostilities” say Territorial Representatives

By Hil Spencer, New Crowndon Correspondent

1/6- The representatives for the Council of Native Peoples have released a statement concerning the recent desertion of twelve military officers with the intent of entering the Western Territories. In an unexpected twist, the representatives put up a united front.

“At best, this incursion displays a complete failure on the part of colonial governments to control their officers,” the statement, signed simply ‘The Council’, read. “ At worst, it is simply a façade, a way for the Marshals to get their man while looking the other way should the 12 men in question get caught. Neither possibility fills us with faith regarding our treaties.”

The statement goes on to issue an ultimatum, that if the Triumvirate colonies are unable to reign in the 12 deserters, and the deserters cross over into territorial lands, it could result in renewed hostilities.

“This is not the desired outcome, for us or for you,” the statement says in closing. “But if it comes down to it, it will be the necessary outcome. The peoples of the territory will continue to hunt the man Von Grimm, in hopes that we can deliver him to the proper outposts in time. We can only hope that the colonial governments are able to stop their own men, as well.”

The unanimous tone of the statement has many in New Crowndon scratching their heads.

“Most of us had assumed that those tribes with which we’ve firmly established good trade relations would hold out,” said Berclay Ancroft, the governor of New Crowndon and head of the colonial senate. “But this statement would indicate otherwise. Our military leaders are pushing to lock the embassy down in light of this, but we’re exercising caution for the moment. We’re also doubling our efforts to transport men with no loyalties to any of the deserting officers out west to our pickets. We need to resolve this, now.”

Blackwood Gazette #132: Rogue Colonial Officers Will Lead to “Renewed Hostilities” say Territorial Representatives

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