Blackwood Gazette # 133: Julianos Ships Spotted Over Barrier Ocean, Heading Towards Colonies

By Chester Seaton, News

2/6- Eyewitness reports across northern Monteddor and Southern Crowndon have been rolling in the last few days, stating that a large fleet of Julianos ships, both aerial and marine, have been seen making their way across the Barrier Ocean, presumably for the colonies. These reports were corroborated by Authorities on Waystation Alpha, who claim the fleet passed by two nights before.

“We thought it was strange,” said Glenn Ernst, head of IA on Waystation Alpha. “They didn’t hail us, didn’t stop for resupply, nor did they respond to our own attempts to contact them. Wherever they’re going, they’re looking to get there fast, and seem well equipped to make the journey non-stop.”

The make-up of the fleet varies from account to account, but most make note that the fleet does not appear to be military in nature.

“What I saw were mostly transport frigates,” Ernst said. “Only a few gun boats, likely for escort.”

Ernst claims that he saw no sign of the Panther’s Reign, Alejandro Julianos’ personal flag ship, though crews returning to Walsh from shipping runs have claimed to spot it. Such claims have been dismissed as rumors.

“Our patrols over the Barrier Ocean have seen this fleet,” said Fleet Admiral Percival Dunbarrow Pillsbury III when we contacted him, confirming that there is indeed a fleet, but offering no confirmation that it belongs to Julianos. “Most of what the Authority Head on Alpha reported is true. It is comprised of transports and a few armed escorts. I must admit that the whole thing is rather awkward. Whoever they are, they aren’t exactly being covert, flying over heavily populated areas and within lens range of the Waystations, but nor are they being forthcoming with their intent. Any attempts to hail them are ignored. Likewise, Julianos isn’t responding to missives requesting clarification.

“There’s not much we can do, for the moment. It could just be a matter of establishing new lines of communication with the few remaining Monteddorian controlled colonies in the south. Julianos is a military ally, and the fleet isn’t harassing anyone. Unless it starts dropping bombs and raiding towns when it reaches the colonies, we just have to let them go about their business.”

Blackwood Gazette # 133: Julianos Ships Spotted Over Barrier Ocean, Heading Towards Colonies

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