Blackwood Gazette #130: Julianos to Build Three Blackwood Refining Plants, Creating over 5,000 Jobs in Monteddor

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

28/5- In a continuing bid to insert himself into every facet of Monteddorian life, Alejandro Julianos announced that he, in conjunction with Blackwood magnate Yolanda Desantana, plans to build and open three new Blackwood refining plants. The plants are expected to be built on land within Julianos, Desantana, and Salasan provinces and create over 5,000 jobs.

“The demand for Blackwood is greater than ever, and growing,” Yolanda Desantana said during a press conference. “These extra facilities will allow us to harvest, process, and ship Blackwood faster in order to keep up with growing demand, particularly in Nor Easter and the Northern reaches of Crowndon. They will also allow us to put to work thousands who have been unemployed due to the fighting over the last year.”

Detractors were quick to point out that Desantana never acknowledges the fact that much of the fighting was the result of her and Julianos’ bid for power.

“This is a classic sedation move on the part of our new conquerors,” said Deseban Gonollo, professor of Government at Monteddor University and outspoken opponent of Alejandro Julianos and his actions over the past year. “They take over, throwing the status quo into turmoil. The tension is high, so they throw the people a bone to calm them. But notice where the refineries are being built: two of the provinces are under direct control of Julianos and Desantana, and Salasan is a well-known ally and contributor to Yolanda Desantana. The fighting has been heaviest in Govanna and here, in Ballantine. It is the people of these provinces that need jobs.”

Julianos’ camp was quick to respond to Gonollo’s claims.

“Gonollo is a rabble rouser and attention hound,” the Julianos rep said. “This is well known. He railed for years against Raphael Valiente, and against Valiente’s father. You could give him everything he says he wants, and he would turn around the next day and complain that there is not enough for everyone else. The man isn’t happy unless he’s unhappy, so to speak.

“The only reason the refineries are being built in Julianos, Desantana, and Govanna provinces is simply because they are closest to the Blackwood Grove. Rest assured, we are actively recruiting in the areas hardest hit by the fighting between Dougherty’s rebels and our military forces. We will provide travel to those hired, as well as security, shelter and food while they work at the refineries.”

Blackwood Gazette #130: Julianos to Build Three Blackwood Refining Plants, Creating over 5,000 Jobs in Monteddor

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