Blackwood Empire #129: 12 High Ranking Colonial Officers Desert, Head for Territories Despite Denial of Entry

By Hil Spencer, New Crowndon Correspondent

27/5- The political powder keg that is the Von Grimm saga threatens to ignite long put to rest animosities, as we have learned that 12 officers from the Colonial Marshals, Frontier Rangers and even the Colonial Militia have allegedly deserted their posts and are heading toward the Plasty Meridian with the intent of crossing into the Western Territories to search for Von Grimm. Field Marshal Ameron Lassiter is said to be leading the group.

The Marshals learned of the plot this weekend, when they discovered the guards posted outside of Lassiter’s estate rendered unconscious with an alchemical substance known as Hoolihan’s Dream. This coincides with the theft of a store of the substance from a fort in the colony of New Hammelford, and the desertion of one Captain Ian Gorski. Gorski’s brother is said to have died during the massacre at Fort Winstone.

The disappearance of Lassiter and the desertion of Gorski also coincide with the desertion of ten others, all of them in positions of authority and all of them with connections to men killed in the massacre, or associated with Lassiter.

A nationwide manhunt has been enacted for the 12 deserters before they reach the Meridian. There are fears, however, that any pickets placed by the Marshals and Rangers may be mere illusion, as dissent against the Colonial leadership’s inability to act has been loud among their ranks.

If they manage to enter the territories, such an act would constitute a breach of treaty with the Native Nations and may spark renewed aggressions with its peoples. As such, the Colonial governors have each issued a public statement disavowing any and all actions.

The representatives from the Territories have yet to issue a statement. Their embassy in New Crowndon has seen an increase in security, however, and it is said that correspondence in and out of the embassy is being closely monitored.

Blackwood Empire #129: 12 High Ranking Colonial Officers Desert, Head for Territories Despite Denial of Entry

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