Blackwood Gazette #221- Desantana Security Forces Run Afoul of Plamondon Fleet

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

22/2/282- The situation surrounding Monteddor’s problems with Seylene Plamondon’s pirate fleet grows ever direr this week, as a Desantana security detail transporting a cargo ship loaded with Blackwood headed for the Crowndon capital was brought down in the skies off the north coast of Monteddor.

Even more alarming is the proximity of this attack to Libertine’s Roost, a sovereign state that lies in the middle of the great inland sea dividing Monteddor and Crowndon and what many believe to be a pirate haven.

“The loss of such a large shipment of Blackwood cannot go unchecked,” said Cicero Aldero, a Captain of Desantana’s militia. “We are operating under the assumption that Plamondon’s forces might be using the Roost as a staging ground. However, our treaties with the Roost are built in such a way that the Triumvirate would collapse into civil war should any one member attack. Needless to say, the situation requires a delicate touch.”

Officially, Plamondon has no association with the Roost. Stories have it that she was exiled after killing a fellow pirate years ago, breaking one of the Roost’s highest laws. Aldero doesn’t think this is a factor any more, however.

“Given the size of her fleet and what she has to offer the other ‘merchants’ that operate out of the Roost, her transgressions as a young pirate might no longer hold sway. She can pretty much go anywhere she wants at this point, using bribes or threats or force. Even the Crowndon fleets fear her.”

Crowndon has yet to issue a statement on the situation, though they have their own ongoing troubles with the Roost. Last year, the Crowndonian brig Strident Whisper had to put down on the island, and an altercation with the crew left the Whisper’s captain, Armistan Cadbury, at the mercy of the Roost’s denizens. The fate of Captain Cadbury is still unknown.

Blackwood Gazette #221- Desantana Security Forces Run Afoul of Plamondon Fleet

Blackwood Gazette #172- Pirate Bands Emboldened by World Wide Political Instability

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

5/8-According to a new Skyway report by the Imperial Sky Authority, pirate activity is up forty per cent over this time last year. The report cites worldwide political instability as the cause.

“Pirates are anarchic by nature,” said Crowndonian Admiral Winston Johannes. “It’s embedded into their philosophy, such as it is. So when they perceive a weakness on the part of authority, it should be no surprise that they eschew the trappings of our truces with the denizens of Libertine’s Roost and take to full on raiding and pillaging.”

The report cites that many of the ships being spotted raiding civilian and commercial air ships belong to merchant companies registered on Libertine’s Roost.

“We’ve always known that many of the ‘merchants’ based on the Roost engaged in the occasional raid,” Johannes said. “But now they’re doing it openly, and they’re flying the Blue and White banner while doing it.”

In addition to political instability, author Clement Aldridge Keene believes that recent comments by pirate captain Seylene Plamondon about being the last true pirate may have pushed many of the privateers based in the Roost to resume their plundering ways as a way to regain their status, but the report claims the activity began to upswing around the time the pirate hunter Johanna McKilroy was brought down by Captain Roderick La Pierre and his ship, the Pernicious Platitude.

Whatever the cause of this uptick in piracy, the Authority has issued a warning to those traveling along the Imperial borderlines, particularly over the Anadem and Des Anges mountain ranges. They have also increased patrols in these areas, as well as around Libertine’s Roost.

“The golden age of air piracy is long over,” Admiral Johannes said. “But we have not forgotten the methods that led to its ending. It would be in the best interest of these privateers to remember that.”

Blackwood Gazette #172- Pirate Bands Emboldened by World Wide Political Instability

Blackwood Gazette #89- Crowndonian Brig Forced to Land on Libertine’s Roost for Repairs

By Chester Seaton, News

9/2-While the majority of Crowndon’s air fleet returned to the Crown’s airspace this weekend, one ship was forced to break away from the main body and land on Libertine’s Roost. Fleet Admiral Winston Johannes cites technical difficulties as the reason for the forced landing.

Halfway through the journey home, a Crowndonian brig named the Strident Whisper broke away from the fleet, reporting a problem with her main boiler. It is unknown at this time what caused the problem, though the Whisper’s captain stated that it was likely due to atrophy caused by regular use, as the Whisper had been actively engaged in sorties before being called to join the fleet. The Whisper was unable to receive routine maintenance upon arrival, as the fleet mobilized almost immediately.

The breakdown occurred over the waters of the Demon’s Eye Cove, the large body of water that separates Crowndon from Monteddor and the area in which the Roost is located. Upon hearing of the brig’s trouble, several representatives from the Roost who had joined the fleet extended an invitation for the Whisper to dock for repairs.

As most citizens of the Empire know, Libertine’s Roost is a sovereign entity, and access to its airspace by Imperial Authorities and the individual military forces of Crowndon, NorEaster, and Monteddor is heavily restricted. While the Roost purports itself to be a place of unfettered industrial importance and thriving economic value as a port for merchants traveling between Crowndon and Monteddor, many believe the Roost is nothing more than a haven for criminals.

Blackwood Gazette #89- Crowndonian Brig Forced to Land on Libertine’s Roost for Repairs