Blackwood Gazette #89- Crowndonian Brig Forced to Land on Libertine’s Roost for Repairs

By Chester Seaton, News

9/2-While the majority of Crowndon’s air fleet returned to the Crown’s airspace this weekend, one ship was forced to break away from the main body and land on Libertine’s Roost. Fleet Admiral Winston Johannes cites technical difficulties as the reason for the forced landing.

Halfway through the journey home, a Crowndonian brig named the Strident Whisper broke away from the fleet, reporting a problem with her main boiler. It is unknown at this time what caused the problem, though the Whisper’s captain stated that it was likely due to atrophy caused by regular use, as the Whisper had been actively engaged in sorties before being called to join the fleet. The Whisper was unable to receive routine maintenance upon arrival, as the fleet mobilized almost immediately.

The breakdown occurred over the waters of the Demon’s Eye Cove, the large body of water that separates Crowndon from Monteddor and the area in which the Roost is located. Upon hearing of the brig’s trouble, several representatives from the Roost who had joined the fleet extended an invitation for the Whisper to dock for repairs.

As most citizens of the Empire know, Libertine’s Roost is a sovereign entity, and access to its airspace by Imperial Authorities and the individual military forces of Crowndon, NorEaster, and Monteddor is heavily restricted. While the Roost purports itself to be a place of unfettered industrial importance and thriving economic value as a port for merchants traveling between Crowndon and Monteddor, many believe the Roost is nothing more than a haven for criminals.

Blackwood Gazette #89- Crowndonian Brig Forced to Land on Libertine’s Roost for Repairs

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